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I have a Catholic funeral to attend next week. I know that mass cards are usually given but I don’t know where to get one. Do I go to my local Catholic church or do I purchase them at a religious store? I was just going to get a sympathy card and address it to the family of the deceased when I attend the funeral. I thought this would be acceptable since I am not religious.

I appreciate any (name removed by moderator)ut!

I know exactly how you feel with this quandary. Two weeks ago, a 44 year old son of a friend of mine that we have known for 43 years dropped dead from a heart attack. They are very fundamental protestants. We simply enrolled him in a perpetual mass society and sent flowers to the funeral home.
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Deacon Ed B

Hi Deacon Ed B,

Thanks for your response. I opted to get a mass card although I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it. So I called my local parish and got one from one of the priests. It was quite comical actually, because I had no idea where the rectory was and got a bit lost. It was hard to find though because it was on a separate street from the church and located in a house. When I met with the priest I told him what I wanted and he filled out the mass card for me then opened this big book and entered the name of the deceased in it for a mass sometime next year. I did not know that a mass for her would be said at that particular parish. I was under the impression that you purchase a mass card, fill it out, & it goes to the church of the deceased. Hey what do I know, I’m not Catholic:D

Anyway, I’m glad I did it this way because I know that’s what the family wanted.

Ya did good!
Prayers & blessings
Deacon Ed B

By the by, one can also get Mass Cards from CNEWA, the Papal agency for assisting the Near East. :smiley:

As you’ve found out, going to the parish office (either the local one or the one where the deceased was a parishioner) will get you a Mass card and a commitment to celebrate that Mass sometime within a year.

Some funeral homes also offer that service. The one from which Dad was buried had Mass cards right there. They have an arrangement with a local parish that they accept the Mass offerings on their behalf, taking down the names of the donors and then sending the info and the stipends to the parish. Makes it easy for everyone who would like one, particularly in this day and age when the local parish office may only be open one day a week.

We also have an arrangement with the former Catholic school next door to our church. Fr. signs a dozen or so Mass cards and sends them to the secretary. Then, when there is a death of a relative of a student or staff member, the school gives them a Mass card and sends the stipend and info to me to record in the Mass register.

Thanks for all the (name removed by moderator)ut everyone!

Minnie -
I read that you’ve already taken care of getting a Mass. However, here’s a helpful hint if the occasion arises again, and you want a Mass for an earlier date. If you don’t get religious Mass Card enrollments in the mail (BTW you DO have to mail an offering for the Mass in those cases) - the one thing is you don’t get a date for those enrollments. Clear Creek Monastery in Oklahoma (has a web site) will say Masses on a VERY timely basis, which can be a comfort to family members.

Echoing Deacon Ed,
You done good !:thumbsup: