Mass in German


I’m moving to Germany in a few months and I was wondering if anyone had a link for the German version of the mass. My German isn’t very advanced, and I want to have time to familiarize myself with the language before I go to mass.

If anyone can recommend a particular church in Berlin, that would be appreciated too.



i’m sorry I don’t know any place in Berlin, BUT if you are ever in the Chicago area, please go to the 9:15 AM Sunday Mass at St. Al’s on Wellington and Lincoln/ Southport. It is in German.

St. Hedwig’s Cathedral is downtown, not far from the big Protestant cathedral. It was rebuilt after the war to unfortunately modernistic tastes, but they have frequent organ concerts. The whole thing, which was built in the 1700’s, is a giant dome sitting at ground level. There is also a beautiful church on Kolonnenstraße in Schöneberg called St. Elisabeth, just down from the Kleistpark U-Bahn stop.

Here is the diocesan website:

For parishes, click on the top bar at “Pfarrgemeinden.”


I just found this site:

Under “prayers” are some phrases hopefully said in Mass in Germany.

Here is the Mass with English and German side-by-side:

There are a few missing parts or blanks (…), but for the most part it looks very much like what I remember from my visits to the German part of Switzerland.

The churches I visited all had little blue missals in the pews so you can follow along (in German only). The trick is finding the right page to start on, since there are numerous pages of material before the Ordinary of the Mass begins.

It would be helpful to get used to recognizing numbers in German when they are spoken, as the celebrant is likely to announce hymns by number (they are found in the back of the little blue missals).

The Catholic Truth Society have produced a booklet with prayers, including the order of the Mass, in German.

You might find this useful.

Hallo, warum man nicht zur Universalmasse geht?
Hello, why not go to the Universal Mass?

if you need help with anything, send me a message

You can attend an English speaking Mass in Berlin.

Here’s a way to follow the German Mass:


This thread is ancient, but since people are chipping in today, here’s the best Catholic church in Berlin:

I should also call out St. Matthias, which has produced multiple vocations to the FSSP, even though is a regular (i.e. novus ordo) parish. The pastor (Fr. Kotzur) takes his liturgy seriously.