Masses for those who die in mortal sin

If someone who is baptized but certainly has not been to church in many years and lives an immoral lifestyle and then commits suicide, is it permissable to have Masses said for the repose of this person’s soul? Is it permitted to pray for this person’s soul?

Granted we don’t know for certain who is in heaven, hell or purgatory, but in the case where the situation is so clear can we do anything for that person’s soul?


I have a bit of theological education. Granted, not a lot. But if the person is as you discribed, what we can hope for is a last second conversion :highprayer: :console:

I don’t know if this is a theoretical question or not. If not, then I’m very sorry. We never know what state someone’s soul is in at the moment of death (even in suicide). That may seem like a contradiction, but what happens if the person realized the horrible mistake he/she was making and felt deep regret and asked for forgiveness in the instant before death? We can’t underestimate the power of God’s mercy. In fact, I would say that in those cases it is doubly-important to pray for that person’s soul asking God for mercy.

There are many things that can remove or ease culpibility. In the end, you do not know anothers true heart. So I see no harm in at least trying.

Nobody but God knows for sure who is saved or not. None of us are in a position to say a situation is so clear, even in the case of a suicide. How do you know what a dying persons’ words might be. They have up to the moment of death to call on God’s mercy.

I once heard a priest say that those who commit suicide may have already been through their purgatory and their hell. I wouldn’t make any judgement as to the state of anyone’s soul. Certainly we can have Masses said for them. And the graces of those Masses can benefit them at the instant of their death.

I don’t see why a Mass couldn’t be held for a person in such a situation. There could be so many mitigating factors that may have been going on that we don’t see or know about. God knows and we must trust in his mercy. Having a Mass for a person in such a situation is a way of submitting to and trusting in God’s mercy.

The story of Sister Faustina and the message we received of Divine Mercy teaches me that there is always Hope.

Do the Mass and do the Rosary and find any other indulgences that may help this Soul if it is in Purgatory. And just in case the prayers and sacrifices offered cannot go to someone we loved then maybe we could add the caveat that the offering go for all the souls in Purgatory.

I hope this post helps and does not seem cold.