Masturbation: NOT A SIN

What can you say about the topic title?, thisSite, contains some thoughts, or information (if you may), in accordance to masturbation being a gift to control ourselves, the site says that it is okay to masturbate AS LONG AS “WE DO NOT THINK ABOUT LUSTFUL THINGS”, the site also say to pray before we indulge ourselves,

in my opinion: I see the point, that the bible NEVER explicitly mentioned the word: “Masturbation”, and that masturbation is a SIGN that a man/woman CANNOT control himself, and that he/she SHOULD marry, and that the bible says that: if a we look at someone with lust in our hearts then we are already sinning.


here’s another catch,

“CATHOLIC” is a word NEVER mentioned in the Bible, but it is still considered as the most comprehensive religion and also the most complete religion in the world, so if such a word can be so successful in the Holy Spirit, can MASTURBATION, (also a word NEVER mentioned in the Bible) be NOT A SIN IN ITSELF, BUT RATHER A WAY TO KEEP OUR PASSIONS FROM CONTROLLING US?.



I understand where you are coming from but the Church teaches that masturbation is wrong. Period. End of story.

If you read Christopher West’s book, “Good News About Sex and Marriage,” there is a part in there that explains why masturbation is wrong and I think it could help you understand this Church teaching a little better. Think about it. It is very difficult to control lustful thoughts when you are basically “having sex with yourself.” Even if you could accomplish NOT thinking lustfully, the fact is, you are abusing God’s design of human sexuality. God created our sexual impulses to be in the context of marriage. So right there, you should note that any sexual activity OUTSIDE of marriage is wrong. Even within marriage, the husband is supposed to freely give himself to his wife as she is to freely give herself to her husband. Freely giving means to naturally engage in sexual intercourse and have the husband release his seeds into his wife so that their genuine love may possibly bear fruit. Oral sex and other sensual activities may also be allowed at some points but each sexual act must always end in the way God designed them to. Masturbation does not fit in the context of marriage because it focuses on the self rather than what it can do for one’s spouse. It focuses entirely on selfish, sexual gratification.It IS a SIN.

Also, I have taken a basic psychology class which was completely secular which taught that our sexual impulses exist for reproduction. You can’t reproduce by yourself. Again, masturbation is only for yourself and it does not edify your spouse or glorify God at all.

Well, that’s pretty silly. Does anyone really masturbate while thinking only of the latest AIG hoopla, or while strictly contemplating the historic Ice Bowl football game between Green Bay and Dallas? Naaa, I don’t think so.

Anyway, THIS site (namely the Vatican’s website, citing the Catechism of the Catholic Church) would not make such a silly exception (and the Church teaches with a bit more authority):

2352 By masturbation is to be understood the deliberate stimulation of the genital organs in order to derive sexual pleasure. “Both the Magisterium of the Church, in the course of a constant tradition, and the moral sense of the faithful have been in no doubt and have firmly maintained that masturbation is an intrinsically and gravely disordered action.” “The deliberate use of the sexual faculty, for whatever reason, outside of marriage is essentially contrary to its purpose.” For here sexual pleasure is sought outside of "the sexual relationship which is demanded by the moral order and in which the total meaning of mutual self-giving and human procreation in the context of true love is achieved.



I tried that idea for awhile, then the Lord willed me to go to Confession and confess it. I soon changed my viewpoint.

At the end of the day we are here trying to save our souls, so if we start to try and justify somethings, it is our salvation we are affecting.

So if anyone has RSI of the hand from applying it to actions against God, use your hand instead to push open the Confessional door and move forward with saving your soul. It is the door of Heaven we are trying to enter, not the gates of hell. And I might have to push the Confessional door open more then I want to, but hopefully one day it will get me through the door I most wish to enter.

I agree with you.
Anybody who says masturbation can take place without lustful thoughts is simply a liar.

What can you say about the topic title?, thisSite, contains some thoughts, or information (if you may), in accordance to masturbation being a gift to control ourselves, the site says that it is okay to masturbate AS LONG AS “WE DO NOT THINK ABOUT LUSTFUL THINGS”, the site also say to pray before we indulge ourselves,

Oh, I see. You found a website.


You found a non Catholic website that says masturbation is not a sin, and you are telling Catholics to heed their ‘advice’ rather than follow their own faith’s teachings?

I can find websites that say having sex with 2 year old is normal and good. I can find websites that say suicide is noble and abortion is a good thing. SO WHAT???

Wow, I never got this many replies in this forum in just one day, well anyways, THANKS FOR proving this wrong guys/girls, I LOVE THIS FORUM, you see I’m not an avid member of this forum, but in this FORUM ONLY, I get to confirm/deny what I believe in, the people here are simply amazing and straight forward, I also LOVE that ALL of you here are really Catholic,


I think that if married couples are allowed to have oral sex, them single men & women should be allowed to masturbate with no sin attached, whats a person to do if they cant find a partner to marry etc. why should an unmarried person not be allowed to have sex pleasure, they have the same desires as married people do

We also have the desire for communication but we cannot achieve that by ourselves. Our gift of sexuality, like the gift of speech is meant to share. And while we can speak to anyone, God demands that we only have sex within a marital union so as to become one with our life long spouse. Yes, we can talk to ourselves but what do we get back?

As a Catholic your religious education seems to be sadly lacking! I sincerely hope you are not one of those you give in your examples.

I am not so sure I believe that, people live for years trying to get free of the sin of masturbation, but they never succeed. I think it`s a natural act, & many married people still do it within a marriage without their partner. Why should married people only have sex pleasure, dont make sense to me. Kids having sex, NO, But adults, cant see any wrong.I have done it all, But I never knew it was ok for married catholics to do oral sex, it seems perverse to me, so if they can have oral sex strictly for pleasure, then single people through no fault of their own should be able to masturbate with no sin attached

I think married couples who engage in oral sex are lacking too. I am catholic, & If I masturbate I will confess it, but personally think it is not a sin. The church shoukld strike it as being sinful, all of us are sexual beings, we all need sex married or single & of legal age & guess what over 50% of babies are born out of wedlock, so, who is not doing sex, almost everyone is married or single

Just because something can be done, does not mean it SHOULD be done. And yeah, our culture, our society, our world, our HUMANITY is diseased. Teenagers having sex, out of wedlock pregnancies, cohabitation, porn on primetime t.v. And just because these things are being done, does not make them right. Masturbation will not solve the problem. What you are suggesting is that it will, somehow, make everyone stop having sex and procreating outside of marriage. Nope, I don’t see that happening. It only adds fuel to the fire of lust. It does not decrease lust at all. Only encourages it.

And oh, by the way, we may be “sexual beings,” but that doesn’t mean we “need” sex. One does not die without it. One can die without oxygen, water, food. One can die of exposure to the elements. Never heard of someone dying due to lack of sex.:shrug:

Open your Catechism, my friend. And pray.

Well it is a sin and you obviously know the Church teaching on this (and the teaching is explained clearly so all can understand).
I assume you also know that anyone who stubbornly rejects a Church teaching is committing heresy.

This site is Satan’s attempt at yet again fooling society that a wrong is good and correct, and unfortunately in this case, even holy. :bigyikes:

Did you see some of those links at the bottom of the page? Satan indeed can appear as an angel of light. Trying to fool, if it were possible, even the elect. :frowning:

I dont need to pray about that, I have my spiritual life under control, it is just my opinion, at least I am not one of these catholics who go to the altar without first making reconciliation. I believe as sexual beings, we do need sex, no, nobody ever died from doing without, but who is doing without

I am. And I have no remorse or regret, or even difficulty.

I abide by the church teaching, but I still dont think it should be a sin, it`s almost as natural as taking a breath of air. It almost cant be helped

Your one of a few & I respect you for it