Meaning of Rosary Colors

I was thinking about buying a lovely light green rosary I recently saw. Trouble is, i read that the meaning behind a light green rosary is that its the awareness color for STDs, among a few other things, including Celiac Disease.

Is it ok to use a particular colored rosary whose awareness doesn’t pertain to me?

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No, no, no. It’s for the Fightin’ Irish and Our Lady of Knock.

A color could be for all sort of things.

I first got a black one just because it seemed kind of masculine, but it was pretty, too. Onyx beads, very hard like my head.

Get the color you like

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Our Lady of Knock (it’s an Irish apparition, of course)


Very pretty.

I don’t believe the color of rosary beads have any meaning. I collect rosaries of all different textures and colors, but I only pick the colors that I like. I don’t tie any special meaning to them. (Except for a large black pair I only use when praying for someone who has passed away)


Thanks, but that’s not the one I’ve been thinking about. The one I want is at a Catholic store near me.

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Always good to support Catholic Stores.


Also, light green isn’t my birthstone, either.

As long as you pray with a clean heart and a clear conscience for the right intentions that are in line with Our Lord’s Will, any color should suffice. I also think that all tones of green are very nice :sunglasses:

I like light green but not a grass-green.

I think that’s an ‘awareness’ rosary due to the little pendant on it. For the greater part rosaries come in many colours without any cause or connotation attached to them.

Green can be for people who like broccoli also. :heart_eyes:

I like broccoli, but not that particular shade of green.

That was the intent of the artist… but that’s not a universal thing.


I don’t think I understand,

An artist created that particular Rosary

The artist choose Light Green to symbolize awareness for:

  • Celiac Disease
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain
  • Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)

That’s not a universal thing for all Light Green Rosaries.


That’s beautiful, and not really pricey at all :+1:

That’s not the one I might buy. The one I’m thinking about buying is at a nearby Catholic store.