Meeting Re Holy Trinity Parish Scheduled

I wasn’t sure were to post this.
Please pray for Holy Trinity’s meeting with ArchBishop O’Malley tomorrow evening 6:pm EDT. We are meeting in the hope that they allow us to stay open. Holy Trinity is the home of the TLM and also the only German Church in the New England area. Closure of HT is essentially supression of the TLM.

I’m not a Trad but I’ll keep you in my prayers.
No one should lose the parish they love.


Is the reason because of lower attendance, no money, or has another denomination offered to purchase?

Mr S, no it is not a money problem unless you call the priest walking off with the money on both us and the Biishop.
We’ve had a 30% increase in atendence in the last 2 years.
We have had 9 vocations to the priesthood in 10 years.
They can not explain how we ended up on the list as we don’t meet any of the reconfiguration criteria.
We have 5 choirs that will be disbanded. No more gregorian chant.
Fr. has shown the Church to several Lutherans. How that for irony as we are the German Church.