Michael Savage praises, defends Pope Pius

Yesterday (5/12/09) talk radio host Michael Savage mentioned Pope Pius XII and his efforts to help Jews during WWII. Here is a brief excerpt.*First of all, I happen to have studied this issue very carefully. Pope Pius XII, who was alive during the Hitler era, did as much as any living man could do, in my opinion, to rescue Jews and other unfortunate victims of Hitler without himself getting killed.*The archived MP3 of that hour of the show can be downloaded free here. He also goes into a couple of examples why. The excerpt is about 3 minutes long, from 13:00 to approximately 16:00 when he resumes his previous monologue.

I listen to the Savage nation a lot and I’ll tell you for being in such a liberal place as the Bay Area, Michael is a great pillar for truth. He does have some fairly radical ideas, but all of his opinions are sound imho, I don’t necessarily agree with everything, but I am interested in how is “banned” from the UK hoopla is going to play out.

He talks about this in his first book “The Savage Nation.”

How did he get banned from the UK? From saying things like this:

It’s what’s necessary in the Middle East. Others have written about it, I think these people need to be forcibly converted to Christianity but I’ll get here a little later, I’ll move up to that. It’s the only thing that can probably turn them into human beings.5/12/2004

I’m trying to put context on this because you can go crazy if you don’t have the context on this, because I’m going to lead up to something of what we must do to these primitives. Because these primitives can only be treated in one way, and I don’t think smallpox and a blanket is good enough incidentally. Just before – I’m going to give you a little precursor to where I’m going. Smallpox in a blanket, which the U.S. Army gave to the Cherokee Indians on their long march to the West, was nothing compared to what I’d like to see done to these people, just so you understand that I’m not going to be too intellectual about my analysis here in terms of what I would recommend, what Doc Savage recommends as an antidote to this kind of poison coming out of the Middle East from these non-humans. 5/12/2004

It’s very much like the American minorities here in this country. You can never hear about the bad things they do. It’s hush-hush but if a Timothy McVeigh should come along, then it gets front page coverage. Because the story line goes that white male, Christian, heterosexuals are evil and all of the others are – are – are victims and only getting their just rewards by fighting back. 5/12/2005

These are just the few things. Many of his rants are very uncharitable and he tries to wrap this around as being Christian.

I am very disappointed that the Thomas More Law Center which is a good Catholic organization is representing him in regards to travelling to the UK. I am very puzzled why they would represent this man.

Having freedom of expression is one thing but inciting hatred, violence and bigotry is hardly what I call charitable and Christian.