Michael voris' vortex and our responsibilities

many of you recieve the video show ‘the vortex’ from realcatholic.tv, today mike has an interesting talk concerning the practical schism between people willing to follow the teaching of the church, and those who arent. he also talks about a more aggressive stance from the bishops.

i wonder how it is possible to fulfill our duties to G-d as Catholics without a unified, forceful, unbending front, a declaration of the Love of G-d for us and our responsibilities in light of that.

can we be taken seriously when polls consistently show that a majority of Catholics are liberal on issues of the utmost importance to us?

I like Michael Voris’ thoughts and presentation. He is doing a great job. The questions you ask are of the highest importance, as I see it. Apologetics efforts towards liberalized, dissenting Catholics are very much needed.

thats not a bad idea, but how does one evangelize the choir? how can we cause unity of purpose throughout Catholicism?

so many Catholics are unaware, or discount church teaching, how can we bring them back? what role can the Bishops play?

Those are great questions – and very tough ones to deal with. I have to think about it. I hope others will post replies.

I think the key problems are this (and probably many more).

– A misunderstanding of the nature of God
– Erroneous view on the fragile, subtle and essential presence of grace (or the entire supernatural life of the Church)
– Lack of knowledge or committment to the apostolic foundations of the Faith
– Exaggeration of temporal rewards versus the struggle we have to go through to attain them

In other words, I think many of our fellow-believers have fallen into the errors of Protestantism, agnosticism and even some atheism – at least to some extent.

There seems to be a general rebellion against Authority (of any kind) these days. Some groups are trying to get Children’s Rights to be accepted internationally, so kids will be more autonomous, therefore more easily manipulated toward anti-life goals (freedom to have sex, anywhere, anytime, with anyone; contraception & abortion on demand with no parental notification required; emancipation from parent’s protection). Planned Parenthood is on this bandwagon.

And with all the relativistic ideas floating around (all religion is either evil or none is the “best” or right one; we can all decide our own “truth”), it’s no wonder youth are warped. Of course, not ALL are.

Many priests are just afraid to stand up for Catholic teaching! But they must, or most of us will never hear why cohabitation is sinful, or using artificial birth control, or abortion, or homosexual acts, or bucking the authority of the Pope and Magisterium.

Make no mistake about it, the group Call to Action is behind a lot of this. We faithful must make more of a push to get excellent catechesis in our parishes, for both children AND adults.

I listen to EWTN and Relevant Radio, and read a lot, so I am able to tell pretty quickly when I’m being misled. Praying the rosary helps a great deal, too.

I agree with ReggieM:

I think many of our fellow-believers have fallen into the errors of Protestantism, agnosticism and even some atheism – at least to some extent.

What I have done is become involved in our parish library; trouble is, it’s not getting much traffic. We’ll keep working on it, though! There are SO many great books, CD’s, and DVD’s available now.

God bless,