‘Migrant village’ for conservative Americans to be built in Russia

Some weird stuff happening in America these days!

Thousands of Westerners want to flee “radical liberal values,” a Russian immigration attorney claims

Construction of an “American village” for 200 families of conservative immigrants will start in Moscow Region in 2024. That’s according to Moscow-based immigration attorney Timur Beslangurov.

A partner in the Vista law firm, Beslangurov brought up the proposed new settlement at a session of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum on Thursday.

“Basically, they are Orthodox Christians, Americans and Canadians who, for ideological reasons, want to move to Russia,” he said.

The Moscow regional government has approved the project, but the prospective migrants are funding the settlement themselves, according to Beslangurov. He claimed it will be built in the Serpukhov district, which is south of the capital.

Tens of thousands of Westerners would like to move to Russia, the attorney claimed, including people with no Russian roots.

“The reasons are known, it’s the imposition of radical left-liberal values in the West, which basically have no limits. Today they have 70 genders, tomorrow who knows what,” Beslangurov told the conference. “Many normal people do not understand this, and they want to emigrate. Many choose Russia, but face a huge number of bureaucratic problems related to the imperfection of Russian immigration laws.”

One potential group of immigrants are traditionalist Catholics who are “white Americans with many children,” which the US government considers “domestic terrorists,” Beslangurov said.

*An FBI memo made public in February referred to “radical-traditionalist Catholic” believers as potential “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists.” After 19 Republican state attorneys-general demanded of the federal government to stop its “anti-Catholic bigotry,” the FBI disavowed the document.*emphasized text

Why don’t they choose Poland? It has more active practising Catholics than Russia, and it’s not an imperialist dictatorship.

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It would be very difficult, culturally if not otherwise, for Americans to set up a colony in Poland. (This is a country I know quite a bit about, as my wife was born and raised there, and I have been to Poland nine times.) How shall I put this… let’s just say that they have their own culture, it is distinct, they view Poland as being kind of “special”, and a colony of people from another country would never really be accepted. It might have been possible hundreds of years ago, but nowadays, I just can’t see it.

And besides, for disaffected Americans to settle in Russia, would have huge propaganda benefits for the latter, whereas Poland has no desire to see America get its comeuppance. There’s never been any bad blood, and Poles deeply admire America. Russians, not so much.

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Hey. I saw this story before but Catholics are not welcome in Russia. How Does Putin Treat Catholics in Russia? - YouTube

Idiotic. Muslims and Turanian pagans are alright, and atheists are also alright provided that they are “Orthodox atheists”, but Catholics are unwelcome because they are too foreign.

That’s quite all right, if I had the money and the wherewithal, I wouldn’t mind visiting Moscow and St Petersburg, perhaps Vladivostok too, but aside from that, I have very little use for Russia.

That is in no way to denigrate their exquisite literary and musical heritage.

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Unlike other European powers Russia hasn’t undergone de-imperialization after 1945. Other countries felt their imperial heritage led to fascism so they started the process which unfortunately culminated in the countercultural rebellion of 1968. For Russia the victory over Hitler was the pinnacle of their imperial glory.

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Russia has a superb cultural tradition. It is one of the great European Christian cultures. Of that I can have no doubt. Russian literature, culture, music, etc. represents in a sense the pinnacle of the achievements of European civilisation.

As for modern Russia - Vladimir Vladimirovich made the stupid mistake of invading Ukraine and causing untold death and destruction in Ukraine. For this there can be no justification. However I truly believe that had he not done this, he would have been remembered as one of Russia’s better leaders.

Which is quite fair, in a sense. The Nazis invaded the USSR with the intention of defeating it, murdering or enslaving the Slavic peoples who lived there, and extending the “living space” of the German people to the Urals and beyond.

For the peoples of the Soviet Union - this was not a fight for communism. It was a fight for the right to exist as human beings. 14 million Soviet soldiers and 11 million Soviet civilians died defending this right. We in the West can never comprehend the losses they suffered as it is beyond the terrible suffering endured by those in Western countries. It really isn’t comparable.

I never have a problem with Russia celebrating Victory Day, even with Soviet banners. It doesn’t represent communism. It doesn’t represent Stalin or totalitarianism. It represents the Victory of the Russians and the other peoples of the Soviet Union over the forces that wanted to destroy them. They won that right to celebrate Victory Day with the cost of 25 million lives.

The Soviets won the Second World War on the Eastern Front, and became joint victors with the Western alliance. Yet in the Soviet soil, never to welcome the coming of peace, lay 25 million dead.

Add onto that the fact that Stalin killed millions in the 1930s, and then you can begin to grasp the scale of the crisis that befell Russia in that era. What other country suffered as much as Russia?

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They fought valiantly (to say the least) to defend their homeland from an existential threat, which was their natural-law right (and even duty), regardless of politics, party, or even institutionalized atheism. I have no issue with that.

My issue more lies with the USSR’s declared purpose of spreading atheistic communism throughout the globe then, and Putin’s attempted destruction of Ukraine now. Their nuclear arsenal, to hear them tell it, was in response to a nuclear threat from the US — the only country ever to use nuclear weapons in war — and I can see why they wanted to maintain a deterrent counter-force. And being as generous to Putin as I can be, probably more generous than he deserves, I can see how he could have viewed Ukraine (especially allied with NATO, which may have been in the making, and is certainly in the making now) as a grave threat to Russia, and might have been justified in removing their military capacity to make war against Russia, a pre-emptive strike, if you will. But destroying apartment buildings, hospitals, menacing civilians, killing children, no way can that be justified. He’s gone entirely too far.

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I agree with you - the invasion of Ukraine was evil. Ironically, the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine are largely culturally Russian and before February 2022, a large proportion of the people who lived there were very pro-Russia. But the brutality of Russia’s invasion of their land has turned them against Russia. It can be said that the invasion of Ukraine dealt the final blow to the idea of Ukraine as part of the Russian cultural space, and of Ukrainians as a subset of the Russian nation. Putin is to blame in large part here.

There is no justification for the brutal invasion of Ukraine - yes, there are reasons why it happened, and it isn’t as simple as the Western media claims, but none of these reasons justified the brutal invasion.

I do believe that the United States would have long ago invaded Mexico if it had been trying to join an alliance with Russia or China for years, and was turning into one of the world’s greatest anti-American centres. I hardly think the American government would tolerate that on their doorstep. This helps us to understand why Russia did what it did. Although it does not justify it.

My view is that all of Ukraine’s land (Donbass and Crimea included) must be returned to Ukraine in return for a guarantee not to join NATO and the promise of the protection of the ethnic Russians (who make up 17% of Ukraine’s population) and the Russian language (spoken as the first language by 40% of Ukrainians).

The status of Crimea should be determined according to the will of its inhabitants, possibly with a repeated referendum under UN control.

Looking further into the future I expect national identity to become less and less important until a world federation arises, probably not earlier than 2200 or even 2300. Then all territorial conflicts will be meaningless.

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