Ministries of Communion to the Sick and/or Homebound question

Hello, brothers and sisters! Hope you are all having a very blessed day! I have a couple questions regarding Ministries of Holy Communion to Sick/Homebound. Are there enough people in each of these ministries to keep up with the demand for Communion? Is there ever a time when someone wants to receive Communion, but there aren’t enough ministers to reach them that day? By ministers, I mean both Ordinary and Extraordinary ones. Would a global organization of each parish’s ministry better cover those who ask for Communion but are sick and/or homebound? Are there any organizations on any level? I’m thinking that, maybe if one parish can’t make it to someone who wants Communion, another parish ministry by them can bring them the Eucharist. I don’t know if parishes already do this. My thinking behind a global organization is that it would give a communication between parishes if there isn’t already a good enough communication.

This would vary greatly by parish. I don’t think global is the way to go — too big. In our area, the local parishes communicate with each other and make it work just fine.

Keep in mind that the theological foundation behind communion calls is primarily that those who cannot be present at Sunday Mass might nevertheless share in the Eucharist that was consecrated at that Mass. So, it’s not that the communion call must take place on Sunday – it can take place throughout the week.

Some take place on Sunday, since that’s when the EMHCs are already gathered at church for Mass; some take place during the week. They occur in such a way as to fit into the schedules of both the communicants and the EMHCs.

Wouldn’t the “other parish” already be distributing Eucharist to its members?

As a practical matter, it would likely not get off the ground – folks tend to not want to travel to the next town over. Even within the parish, it’s often difficult to get EMHCs to go to the farther-flung neighborhoods of the parish. Folks tend to want to minister where they live.

If there’s a need in your parish, I would recommend that you consider stepping up and volunteering to fill the need!

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