Mitch Daniels Names Pro-Abortion Condi Rice as Potential VP

Just when it appears Mitch Daniels found a way to make up with pro-life voters after his “truce” talk on abortion by signing a bill to ban Planned Parenthood funding, the Indiana governor has done it again.

Following the major speech by his wife last night before hundreds of cheering Hoosiers, Governor Daniels talked with reporters and answered a variety of questions. He later accepted an invitation from dozens of college students to head down the street and share a drink. The students asked him who he might choose as a potential Vice-Presidential running mate and Daniels named former national security advisor to President George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice.

Although her foreign policy views and expertise on defense and terrorism are unquestioned, she has upset pro-life voters with her views favoring legalized abortion.

John McCormack, a writer at the conservative Weekly Standard, picked up on the Daniels name dropping of Rice as his possible running mate.

Condi is pro-choice? :bigyikes:

When did she announce that position?

She said she has a libertarian view on abortion, in that she’s concerned with the federal government making rules on such a personal issue that like most libertarians including myself should be a state issue.

I think abortion should be outlawed in every state. But by the state itself.

There is much I admire about Condi Rice. However I must be sure of her position on abortion. I would like further clarification on this matter.

We can vote all we want… however methinks this nation will not be belssed until the abortion issue (sin) is repented of -yes?

Call it what it is: pro-ABORTION.

Use the language of the opposition, hand them a victory on a silver platter.

If she is a libertarian on the issue of abortion, do you think Mitch Daniels is too?
Also, how do you think that would play out in an election?

Just wondering:rolleyes:

Actually, what Daniels said… and not to reporters… was in a ‘HYPOTHECAL’ world, Condi"

He said it to college students over a beer. They tweeted it.

Daniels is pro life. His record over 7 years is solidly pro life. Indiana went from being ranked near the bottom of pro life states, to #11, then to #4 now we are #1.
I would put his record up against anyone.

I think Condi would be an excellent VP. She would add foreign policy credentials to the ticket.
Its not the VP who sets policy… so her social views wouldn’t mean much.

Asked, “Are you pro-life? Are you pro-choice? What is your thought on abortion?”, Rice responded: “I believe if you go back to 2000, when I helped the president in the campaign, I said that I was, in effect, kind of Libertarian on this issue, and meaning by that that I have been concerned about a government role in this issue. I’m a strong proponent of parental choice, of parental notification. I’m a strong proponent of a ban on late-term abortion. These are all things that I think unite people and I think that that’s where we should be. I’ve called myself at times mildly pro-choice.

With little prompting Rice continued, “Yeah, mildly pro-choice. That’s what that means. I think that there are a lot of things that we can unite around, and that’s where I would tend to be. I’m very comfortable with the president’s view that we have to respect and need to have a culture that respects life. This should be an issue pretty infrequently because we ought to have a culture that says that, ‘Who wants to have an abortion? Who wants to see a daughter or a friend or, you know, a sibling go through something like that?’ And so I believe the president has been in exactly the right place about this, which is, we have to respect the culture of life and we have to try and bring people to have respect for it and make this as rare a circumstance as possible.”

When told of the belief that in order to be elected a Republican president, a contender must be firmly pro-life, Rice responded, “I’m not trying to be elected.”

Rice was then pushed on abortion, with Washington Times White House correspondent Bill Sammon saying, “But it sounds like you do not wish to change the laws that now allow (abortion)…”

Rice responded, “Well, I don’t spend my entire life thinking about these issues. You know, I spend my time really thinking about the foreign policy issues. But you know that I’m a deeply religious person and so, from my point of view, these extremely difficult moral issues where we have—where we’re facing issues with technology and the prolongation of life and the fact that very, very young babies are able to survive now—very small babies are able to survive—these are great moral issues.

What I do think is that we should not have the federal government in a position where it is forcing its views on one side or the other. So, for instance, I’ve tended to agree with those who do not favor federal funding for abortion, because I believe that those who hold a strong moral view on the other side should not be forced to fund it.”

What ranking system are you referring to? I couldn’t find it when I did a google search.

Just wondering what the :rolleyes: is for?

Are the questions honest question that you would like my honest response from? If so, avoid the :rolleyes: in the future.

pro abortion ranks states ‘most hostile’ to womens ‘rights’…

Indiana has been on their disgusting lists since Daniels was elected.

Indiana right to life is a big fan of Daniels.

I don’t agree. I call people what they prefer to be called - “pro-life” or “pro-choice.” It makes for easier dialogue when one isn’t “in your face” on every issue, even among fellow Catholics on a variety of issues.

Don’t get too excited about Condi… she has baggage. Google her. She will never run.

Not according to Obama.

You can google anyone and find baggage. Post reputable links or don’t post at all.

Yes, Yes! They are honest questions and I would like your honest reply!

I’m sorry the rolled-eyes came across badly, because I know we’ve sparred about stuff in the past. To me they look a lot like someone thinking hard about something - which is what I was doing when I read your post. So I hit them without realizing it would come across as “sarcastic” which now that my mouse is hovering over the icon I see that is how it’s labeled. Sorry!

But I am totally intrigued, because this is the first time I’ve encountered such an argument, and I really don’t know how to begin to think about it - so I ready to listen with an open mind :slight_smile:

He is entitled to his opinion, and I to mine. :slight_smile:

Fair enough.

If she is a libertarian on the issue of abortion, do you think Mitch Daniels is too?

No, her opinions and Mitch’s have nothing to do with each other. I have more respect for a libertarian who is pro choice but opposes federal government intervention in state issues such as abortion than I do a pro choice supporter of big government.

Also, how do you think that would play out in an election?

I don’t think it would have much impact if she, and I’m sure she would, articulated her position. I don’t think the left would say the things about Rice that they said about Palin, that being said using Biden as a measurement of VP material Rice is off the charts. She would tear him a new one in any debate.

For some reason though, I don’t know that she would run for VP.

I really don’t think Condi’s position on abortion should matter considering that she has never been in a position to actually change abortion policy,and her in the VP position would mean that she would have no effect either.

Given that Gov. Daniels has shown a proven record on most conservative principles, relatively consistent in his views, and has had a rather unblemished career, I believe that he or Romney will inevitably be the strongest people that could run.

Indiana GOP put this video out the other day on Mitch Daniels accomplishments in 7 years.

As a Hoosier… I can attest, Indiana is a changed state. We went from a rust belt going nowhere state with a declining population to … a state that other states are modeling their policies around.
Daniels is a good man. Honest, thoughtful, humble and brilliant. I hope he decides to run.