More Patient in Arguments

I find that when I’m arguing/discussing religious and theological matters that I lose patience and get aggressive and angry. This isn’t good for convincing people that Catholicism is correct and it’s also sinful. Does anyone have advice on how to be more patient and not get frustrated when discussing religious matters with others? Is it just a lack of maturity that I will acquire with age?


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Well, once you feel you are far enough down that road and the heat is increasing, just say ‘I respectfully disagree and let us leave it at that.’

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And how about politics?

Anyway, First, try to see from the other perspective. Second, acknowledge, at least to yourself, that you may be wrong, or misunderstand. It takes humility. Then, respectfully disagree and let it go. Hard work!

I confess my argumentativeness (defined as lacking in charity).

Where you ever on a debate team? Nothing wrong with argumentation as long as we stay clear of animosity.

No, I was not.

Arguing should be done with charity. It seldom is. Therefore, it’s best to confess it b/c it is contrary to charity (which is a sin).

It helps me to realize I don’t know everything, and although I may not end up agreeing with the person, I still may learn something through the dialogue. Having a belief that others deserve kindness and basic respect also helps.

Agreed. If we could master argument with charity, that would be an achievement.

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