Moscow forces U.S. to close down its aid mission in Russia


Russia has forced the United States to close its aid mission in Moscow, the U.S. government said on Tuesday, in a blow to U.S. efforts to improve ties and a step that may aid the Kremlin’s crackdown on pro-democracy groups.

I guess they couldn’t wait until Obama had more “flexibility.”

May God bless both Russia and America, and though tensions may strain their relations for the nonce, may the ties between these great powers improve.

Let’s pray Romney turns out to be a good president and works hard to undo all the damage of obama and his predecessors.

  1. Isn’t it a little ridiculous when a country tells you to stop giving them aid? I mean, it just goes to show that we could’ve stopped giving Russia aid years ago. We could’ve saved a couple hundred million, maybe a few billion dollars. Our foreign aid spending needs to get an overhaul!

  2. I can’t blame Putin, especially if that money was being used for a political agenda… which the article made it seem like it was. Honestly, if I lived in Russia I’d at least be proud of my government… I can’t say the same here. Putin is really making Russia strong again… he’s trying to discourage a culture of death by encouraging people to have children. He imprisoned the ***** Rioters for blaspheming. And he’s trying to protect Orthodox (and all) Christians in Syria.

God Bless Vladimir Putin.

…When will the U.S. start doing more things in our national interest like this?

MOSCOW - Russia explained its decision to end the U.S. Agency for International Development’s two decades of work in Russia by saying Wednesday that the agency was using its money to influence elections…

Good move ! USAID has ties to George Soros.