Most Powerful Organization/Corporation?

I am currently voting the Roman Catholic Church and United States of America as the most powerful organizations ever created. It’s military and the Churches that are often the most organized, self-serving and self-sufficient and has a high survival rate. In other words, they are great corporation. A corporation crafted from the hands of God.

Throughout history, and even on modern day. What would you vote for the most organized, or organizations that have the highest potential and survival rate?

Scientology currently is claiming to be the fastest growing religion.

Islam is quite powerful.
And as well, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism.

The Roman Empire? The British Empire up to 100 years ago?

Why is Islam very powerful? What in their doctrines?

What about the Roman Empire makes them powerful? What systems, defenses and programming?

It has 1.6 billion adherents. Why do so many people choose Islam?

That’s my question to you. Are they outnumbering us Catholics?

I personally am not sure why people convert to Islam. But in this video, a Catholic priest explains why he did.

For the great majority of them, it is not a matter of choice. On top of that, they do breed rapidly. It is not uncommon for a Muslim mother to have six to eight children on the average and in traditional Muslim countries, a man usually has more than one wives.

He knew nothing about Egypt? A Priest doesn’t know anything about Egypt. That’s pretty odd. :rolleyes:


I have no agenda and power for having power for me is nonexistant, nonetheless if good things occur from my own living and impact on my neighbors and vice versa, with respect to values that are good — I am not going to speak for the LDS church, nor am I authorized to do so.

I continue to express gratitude for the USA.