Muslims and Catholics today...

I want to take a moment to thank God for our Muslim brothers and sisters in their belief in Mary, and on this day I pray that our relations together tied to her will be a day to glorify the Lord Almighty.

Muslims revere Mary with much honor and respect. I am hoping Muslims that have any thoughts about her and how they have found her to be a good example to them and in their families lives or in any way, please share.

Also, if you could share anything about how Muhhamed felt about her, or how your faith veiws her please share.

Mary, we love you.

Muslims in my country and Catholics both visit Mary’s shrines :slight_smile: nice thread :thumbsup:

Thanks In Jesus!

I agree! I was however hoping for a Muslim here to tell us why they revere Mary.

Yet none did.:frowning:

I want to see good things in Islam that we can build off of to find peace.

Yet I am feeling sad that no one Muslim is posting for Mary.:frowning:

Just wait a bit :slight_smile: am sure Muslims are busy on Islamic forums more than here so give it some time :slight_smile:

Okay. Thanks for reminding me how impatient I can be!:o

I will continue to pray even though, it appears that Mary has been lost here in the forum to our Muslim friends. If I had started a controversial thread about Muslims, I would have had a response. I know this because I have done it. You IN Jesus know this too.

On her Day, not a single Muslim to respond in this forum.

How sad.

I hope before midnight tonight some muslim will post. If not, I blame myself for not praying hard enough.

Hello Demascus,

We also have a great reverence for Mary. In The Quran she is mentioned to be preferred over the women of the creation. Her father was a very pious and noble man of God. So was her mother. They were both great prople in the prople of Israel at the time. Her mother wanted to have a child, so she made a vow to God if he would give her a child , she would devote him to the temple . She had a girl and she named her ‘‘Murium’’. Now she wanted to fulfill her vow to God as he has granted her the wish of a child , she would pray to God and say that even she had a daughter she would devout her to the temple.

Her mother made a cry for God not to let her and her offspring be target for the satan whispers . Her wish was granted .It is an established concept in islam that every human was pinched by satan right after his birth in a sign of teh animosity satan has for humans and his malicious intent to send them astray from God . The exception from this rule was given to Mary and her only offspring Jesus .

The status of Mary and her family was very esteemed in the people of Israel to the point that the temple priests argued who would have be the responsible of taking care of the daughter of such a good man of God .

They made a test , all the priests of teh temple threw their pens in a river stream and waited for a sign from God. The sign came to Zakariah as his pen floated upstream against the stream while all other preists pens floated with the stream .

She has a special room in the temple, where she would pray to God . She would have the fruits of teh summer in the winter time and the fruits of the winter in the summer time . A sign of Gods love and appreciation for her .

Zakariah asked God to grant him offspring when he saw what a blessing Mary was . He was Granted Yahya. He was given that name from God . A name that was never named before him.

The Holy Spirit came to Mary in the shape of a fine man , and gave her the glad tidings of a son that is born to her . She was afraid of him and she sought refuge in God when the Holy Spirit appeared to her. She warned the Holy spirit to remember God and not approach her. The Holy Spirit assured her he isnt there to harm her but he is there to bring her good news about her son to come.


Thank you Meedo!:wink:

Quick question…Am I udnerstanding correctly that Muslims hold Mary in higher regard than the Jews do?:confused:

That has always been my understanding. Yes.:smiley:

WOW…that is really interesting:D …thank you!
It would seem that Catholics may have more in common with Islam than formerly thought:confused:

Actually - Prayer almsgiving and **Fasting,**Now think about that.

They are closer to us than a lot of our Protestant bretheren!:smiley:



The Holy spirit blew into her neck . It was an order from God . Jesus was to be because God wished it. He was born from a virgin by Gods will and command.

When the time of Labour came , she felt so afraid her people would accuse her of sin. She wished she was never born out of fear of shame. God talked to her and assured her that he is with her and directed her to go and sit beneath a palm tree were she can have dates as food to nourish her . She was instructed that when she come to her people she would not talk but only point to her son. The people of israel were amazed to see her with a boy. they said ‘’ O sister of Aron , your father was never a bad man and your mom was never a prostitute! ‘’

She pointed to baby Born Jesus were the proof of her innoocence has come , Jesus said

‘’ I am the slave of Allah , he gave me the book ,he made me a prophet, and he made me blessed whereever i am . And he commanded me with Payer and charity as long as i live. And Rightious and obedient to my mother , and he forbade me to be a tyrant and disbeliever , and salutes and praise be on me the day i was born and teh day i die and the day i resurrect alive’’

''This is Jesus the son of Mary the Truth in which people differ ‘’ Surat Murium 19:34

May the best salutes and the best praise be on Jesus and his blessed Mother Ameen.


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hi Meedo. This has always confused me. The Holy Spirit according to you is Gabriel. So :

“She said: Surely I fly for refuge from you to the Beneficent Allah, if you are one guarding (against evil). He said: I am only a messenger of your Lord: That **I WILL GIVE YOU **a pure boy.”

“And Mary the daughter of Ìmrán, who guarded her chastity; and We breathed into it of Our Spirit; and she testified to the truth of the words of her Lord and of His Revelations, and was one of the devout (servants).” S. 66:12

Ibn Kathir comments on S. 66:12, noting that Jibril is the Arabic pronunciation of Gabriel:

<And Maryam, the daughter of 'Imran who guarded her chastity (PRIVATE PART).> meaning who protected and purified her honor, by being chaste and free of immorality,

<And We breathed INTO IT (PRIVATE PART) through Our Ruh,> meaning, THROUGH THE ANGEL JIBRIL. Allah sent the angel Jibril to Maryam, and he came to her in the shape of a man in every respect. Allah commanded HIM TO BLOW INTO A GAP OF HER GARMENT and that BREATH into her womb through her private part; THIS IS HOW ‘ISA WAS CONCEIVED. This is why Allah said here,

<And We breathed INTO IT through Our Ruh, and she testified to the truth of her Lords Kalimat, and His Kutub,> meaning His decree and His legislation.

And Tabari:

That is, God has decreed that it is so. When the angel spoke thus, she submitted to the divine decree, and he breathed into HER BOSOM. Then he left her, and she filled her pitcher.

Is that what you really believe in? it was Gabriel who impregnated Mary since he is Allah’s spirit? thx.

Ameen and Salams!

Thank you Meedo!:slight_smile:

I credit Mary for why there are not a gizzilion Islam denominations out there.

When Mary is given proper honor, things stick together and make more sense!

Just my opinion.

Karin? You agree? Anyone?

Hello ,

Yes The Holy Spirit is Gabriel,

There is nothing called impregnanted with God . Even humans dnt impregnate. The '‘blowing’ action is symbolic to the permission for life to be inserted into the body .

Example : Adam. God blew into Adam from his soul and adam became a living human instead of a piece of Mud.

The soul is a property of God. God can delegate his messengers to control it. Like the angel of Death. He collects the souls. ''BY the Permission of God ‘’ . Now the angel of death when a mom looses her child in her womb godforbidding for any reason he cannot be called an abortionist!! So does Gabriel when he command a soul to be created into Mary woumb he is not ‘‘impregnating her’’ It is a fulfilment of a commandement of God .

just a note: Islam doesnt teach that Gabriel blew into Mary’s private parts!!. The word ‘‘Farj’’ in arabic refers also to the general meaning of Chastisy. God created jesus without any need to pass by any gentitals !!!

hope i clarified .


Of course muslims have revere Mary more than Jews. Mary means nothing to us.

Well, she should. :cool: God bless the both of you.

Shalom, Salaam, Pax,