My 5 month old puppy broke a tooth!

I have no idea how it’d break so easily!

We have a gate blocking her from going to the rest of the house and I didn’t open it to go to the kitchen, I went over the thing and when I did, she bit my jeans by the knee and when she fell back to the floor I heard something crack. I checked my jeans and I found half of her fang! :eek: I checked her teeth and it was her fang…

She’s 5 months 1 wk, so I don’t know if that is her adult fang or still the milk fang. She was still teething 2 wks ago, but I thought she was done since one of her molars fell off 2 wks ago, so I figured the process would be done by now…

What should I do? I don’t have a vet any more since I had big issues with the vet’s employee about a month ago for treating me bad and I told them I wasn’t taking my pets there any longer…

My dad thinks it’ll be fine because she didn’t cry and is still acting normal, he says that it was a milk one… but can it be at her age??? She’s a Chihuahua mixed with mini Pinscher (mini Doberman)… I’m so clueless :blush:

For some odd reason, I thought you were talking about your baby. Then I got to “Chihuahua mixed with mini Pinscher” and that woke me up.

Open the phone book or call a friend and find a vet or animal hospital. You would have to do that anyway. There is no time like the present.

:rotfl: I’d be a terrible mother if I were acting this way if it were a baby :rotfl: And I’d be darn dumb if I was wondering about a baby losing a tooth, especially when babies rarely get teeth at that age :smiley: You made me laugh!

Adult (permanent) canine teeth usually come in between 4 and 6 months so the broken tooth still may be a deciduous (puppy) tooth. Only a vet can tell for sure so unfortunately you’re going to have to find one to take him to. If it is a baby tooth and it doesn’t come completely out it can cause problems and if it is his adult tooth it might cause problems too. But, you may find out it’ll be okay. Hope all goes well.

Well, I just happen to have a puppy who is teething right now…

Look in her mouth, on both sides. If the other side is a baby tooth, you’re fine! At this point, the big fangs will not be very long at all. They are the last to finish growing.

The permanent teeth are opaque, and very, very white. They are also blunter than the baby teeth, and a slightly different color.

I doubt that she would break a new fang just by biting your jeans, but a baby one sure could. Also, if she broke a new fang badly enough, it would hurt.

Have fun!

Ruthie the dog lady

Thanks Ruthie… I’m thinking it’s a baby tooth just because it didn’t hurt her… but she’s so tiny (6.5 lbs) I can’t distinguish her baby teeth from her adult ones. She’s eating fine, so most likely it’s a baby one… I mean, the tooth literally broke in half, so she’d be in lots of pain right now if it were the permanent tooth, right?

I’m happy to report that my puppy’s new fangs are staring to show! So the fang she broke in half was only her baby tooth! Yay!