My brother-in-law going to ask me about

My brother-in-law is coming over to my house tomorrow to ask me about salvation. I am in the process of converting to the Catholic Church, and my wife is not. And he does not know that I am converting, so this leads to an interesting situation.

My wife told me that he has “gotten saved.” I say that with quotation marks because he has said the little prayer that most Protestants say in order to be “saved.” He is having some trouble with all the church goers saying so many different things to him about having to do this or that, or that the Bible says this or that. In other words he is over-welmed and confused. And I understand why too.

My wife pitched him the ol’ “once saved always saved” bit at him. He has been going to a Free Will Baptist church so they are saying something different. So now he is going to come to me who is a former Baptist preacher now in the process of converting to the Catholic Church. He may just jump off a bridge after this! haha! But anyway, I am looking foward to sharing my faith with him but also a little nervious of scaring the poor guy away. I am not sure how to approach him because he and his family have no idea that I am converting, and they recommended him to come to me thinking I was just a good ol’ Baptist.

Well, anyway, I am not actually asking anything other then for your prayers. I will drop a note again to let you know what happens. I have experienced such wonderful support and prayers from those of you on here, and I have full confidence that you will lift me up in prayer and this situation. Thanks in advance!!

I love your confidence. God bless you!

Hi Copeland,
You have my prayers! Please do keep us informed.

Heck, I’ll pray for you and your brother in law. Both of these religions are pretty intense, but your guidance may give him a feeling of being “in the club” with you. The Right club, at that! :wink: (Yes, I’m biased.) I know what you mean though, about the “scaring away” part…I feel the same way with my secular friends. Trust your heart and intuition. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision for you to make to convert…think about how you might react to certain information, and see if that changes what you might say. Christ be with you!

I just want to say that everything went really well. He is just over-welmed right now because he has so many different kinds of church folk telling him all these different things. I guess that is where the Catholic Church has been a winner for me is because the Church has taught the same thing for the last 2000 years and is very absolute about what she teaches compared to all the theological relativism that you get from all the Protestant Churches.

Things got a little bit too exciting when he started a discussion on politics. He saw my Bush for 2004 bumper sticker on my van and he started some knee jerk political talk, and I challenged him on his political beliefs and he was a little stunned because he could not tell me what democrats actually do for the average guy, all he could do is say “republicans are for the rich.” But anyway I felt bad for putting him on the spot and called him later and apologized for it, he just laughed and said it was his fault for starting it.

But anyway, I know that I have just started some stuff with my wife’s side of the family because not many people knew about my conversion taking place, and it will begin a whole new situation with our relations. But I do hope he sees this walk with God through, and devotes his life to God, reguardless if he becomes Catholic, though that would be my greatest hope.

Thanks for your prayers! It truley helped!! I felt God with us today. He kept my mind focused to answer things clearly. But Satan jumped in to stir up some politics! haha!

I’m so glad it went well. :slight_smile:

There is a book out, I think by Our Sunday Visitor titled…When Only One Converts it might help you deal with your wife’s side of the family and your conversion. Sometimes these things can be tough.

My prayers are with you :slight_smile: