My first evangelism video against abortion

I’ve done a lot of videos this week, but this is the most important one I made because it deals with life. I included scripture and what the early church fathers taught on the matter. The viewer should be able to sum up everything and judge for themselves.

Feel free to share it! A lot of people don’t know what the bible teaches nor the early church.


Hi Phil,
Good for educational purposes-at least the RCC is consistent.

I would like to point you to this video as well-it was done by a woman who had an abortion, and regrets that tragic decision. She made it in the hopes she might reach women BEFORE they make the same mistake she did.

Great! :thumbsup: What’s the name of that kyrie song? Actually I was listening to it more than reading the text. :o :slight_smile:

Hi Kelvin, I didn’t see any names to these free songs, but you can hear four of them here:

Thanks a billion man! I really like most of them.