Need some good Catholic devotions to know God

I would like to ask if some of you could share some good, Catholic devotions and prayers that are useful to getting to know God. I have seemed to have this problem for a while now. Thanks.

  • Mass and Holy Communion (daily, if possible)
  • frequent Confession
  • the Rosary (really meditating on the Mysteries)
  • lectio divina (praying with Scripture)
  • frequenting recalling the presence of God throughout the day, whatever you are doing, and lifting your heart to Him

You ever heard “Know Mary, know Jesus. No Mary, no Jesus.”??

That’s true! I second the Rosary, and also St. Louis de Montfort’s book, “True Devotion to Mary.” It is a great truth that Mary brings us Jesus, who is the totality of God’s divine revelation.

I like that.

Read Scripture, especially the four gospels…It’s a Catholic book you know.