New blood covenant (For all)

peace and blessings to you all,
How do we know the blood of the new covenant was shed for all?

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i know it was for all men because i trust the Holy Scripture. 1Jn. 2:2 “And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but for the sins of the whole world.” That settles it for me. What about you?

Dont know it settles it for me but it is what i was looking 4, so i will reflect and pray on it.
I was looking at the gospel that said it was for many. Figured as they were Yeshua (pbwh) narrations thay would have been most accurate.

Yes i had considered all is many people, but thought he would have said all, because he said say yes as yes.

That is he was the one to make things clear.

While all is many, i can speek of all of a group and many of the group is less.

Bless ya Jerry, pray well and stay well.


<< Dont know it settles it for me but it is what i was looking 4,>>

If you’re going to write on theological and spiritual issues, write like a mature adult, not in text.

Writing like a child means thinking like a child. Writing clearly means thinking clearly.

I think the confusion between “for all” and “for many” reflects the fact that God offers the gift of salvation to all, but not all accept that gift.

Sorry then that G-d is not for many not for all, those of us not very good with typing and language must be excluded then.

Yes today many of us speak in short text dialect, are we a generation excluded from discussion in our seeking Him?

Thank G-d Yeshua (pbwh) was willing to meet people where they were at and did not exclude as did some Saduces and Pharisees.

Be blessed and be guided.

Good post.

17 I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.”

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh,I feel the same too

Yes. This doesn’t, however, indicate that His Blood wasn’t shed for all, but that the grace flowing from Him might not be accepted by all.

Yes i really quoted this scripture for cluny as they have issue with my lack of language skills and that i write in abbreviations as to most young people of today.

I would not like to see people excluded due to the way they write.

It is not good for the excluder as IMO if you exclude you risk being excluded.

Bless ya all

I’m not familiar with the (pbwh) you’re putting after Yeshua. What’s that?

Peace be with him,

My Brother was in right relationship with My Father and thus was given peace,
My Brother has this peace and offered it to me because i am a sinner so am not on my own able to be in right relationship.

It is by the peace My Brother gives me that i can have the one on one relationship with My Father.

I like that! That’s a very beautiful way of expressing your feelings in a short yet profound way! Thank you, that’s made my day.

Cluny -

Some people reach this message board by cell phone and don’t have access to a keyboard when they post. Sometimes they post but English is not their native language. Sometimes they do not know how to touch type and hunting-and-pecking can take a while.

A dear friend of mine who is Japanese still spells “hollar” as “howler,” “laptop” as “raptop,” “I must of” for “I must have,” and “wary” as “weary.” Such mistakes are common when one is not a native speaker, given how many variations there are in the English language. We use so many words taken from other languages that we have two words that sound similar but do not share a meaning or even the same root.

I think you should reconsider before saying something like that. Not everyone is well versed in English or in the American keyboard, and you should offer patience instead of reproach.

By the way: if the message is clear, even if the “formal” language isn’t used, then doesn’t that mean the writer was thinking clearly? You and I both understood the message.

Please show some patience and kindness.

Our Lord Jesus Christ spoke to Israel in Matthew 26:28 “…Many…” While Paul, writing to Timothy says that our Lord Jesus Christ “Who gave Himself a ransom for ALL, to be testified in DUE TIME!” That would be when Paul comes upon the scene.
Hope this answers your inquiry.

=Steven John;5727409]peace and blessings to you all,
How do we know the blood of the new covenant was shed for all?

B Blessed B guided

Because my friend,

There is only one Creator; One God. The complexities of the Universe deny the possibility of more than a single sourse of Creation. There are BILLIONS of planets in our galaxy alone, and there are BILLIONS of galaxies. The average human bodt is estimated to be made up of “10,000 Million” soft cells!

Humanity is part “matter / physical things” and “part Spiritual / non-matter things.”

We can prove that each human has a mind [not speaking of the brain] and intellect, and a freewill, and a soul. And ONLY humanity, in the vastness of the Universe can be shown to be so blessed.

There can be no sacrifice without the shedding of blood.

We cannot find love without sacrifice.

Love and prayers,

This is a tricky question, one that has been debated without total resolution for centuries. Personal thoughts, Jesus’ sacrafice was SUFFICIENT to cover all men’s sin. So, in a general sense, he did die for all. However, I think the ACTUALITY of the sacrafice was limited to those whom God forenew would accept the gift of salvation. The trickiness here is taking phrases like “the world” and “all men” at face value. There is atleast a possibility that the authors in these cases were speaking in order to include Gentiles (whom to the point when the New Testament was written, most Hebrew religious leaders believed only fellow Hebrews had access to the true God). So, it is debated whether All Men & The World refers literally to all men and the world, or in a general sense to include people of all races/ethnicities.
I personally feel Jesus death was sufficient for all, but limited in effect to those who the triune God forenew. I base most of this on John Ch 17, Jesus prayer: v6 I have revealed you to those you gave me…V9 …I pray not for the world, but for those you have given me V20…I pray also for those who will believe. Jesus’ prayer here is specifically for believers, transcending time, and excludes prayer for those who will not believe. This leads into his death

A God who didn’t make redemption freely available to all is not a God I would worship. Indeed He would not be God, such capriciousness could only be practiced by the Devil of Hell.


Dying He destroyed our death. Rising He restored our life. Lord Jesus Christ, come in glory!:thumbsup:

Hi, i am glad of all your (name removed by moderator)uts.
I must have got a response on another thread that sorted it for me, was sure it was this one but it aint there any more, but then hey when i posted the thread i dont recall typing (For all) either, go figure?

The post was along the line that previous pope and current pope would prefer “many” to be used in the mass.

I understand what you all offer in saying the offer is to all but My Father knows all and sees all so knows the new covenant is for many not all.

Yeshua (pbwh) is narrated well speaking these same words.

Bless you all, pray well and stay well