New Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari vows to crush “godless” Boko Haram

Reuters via Indian Express

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New Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari vowed on Friday to eradicate the “mindless, godless” militant group Boko Haram and rescue hundreds of women and children held captive, including 200 girls taken from the town of Chibok a year ago.

In his inaugural address as elected leader of Africa’s most populous nation and biggest crude producer, Buhari also painted a picture of an economy in crisis after this year’s collapse in the price of oil, which accounts for the bulk of state revenue.

“The armed forces will be fully charged with prosecuting the fight against Boko Haram,” the 72-year-old former military ruler announced in the heart of the capital. A Muslim, he said the group was “as far from Islam as one can think of”.

“We cannot claim to have defeated Boko Haram without rescuing the Chibok girls and all other innocent persons held hostage,” he said. “This government will do all it can to rescue them alive.”

Hundreds of other Boko Haram captives have been freed by the military in recent weeks, but the Chibok girls, whose capture caused a global outcry, have still not been found.


The ceremony was attended by numerous African leaders and foreign dignitaries including U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

His oath was followed by the release of dozens of white doves, symbolising peace.

I’m sure things will get better, it may only be a little better or a lot better. He has ruled previously and it sounds like lost two elections that are questioned.

Worse than godless, Boko Haram worships demons.

I pray the new Nigerian president will help protect the people of Nigeria and also help destroy Boko Haram.

He does have an air of determination that the previous Nigerian president lacked.
Does Nigeria have the army to defeat Boko Haram though?
Unfortunately, much of it had been dismantled because civilian leaders wanted it powerless enough that it would be incapable of staging a coup d’etat.
And an army too weak to stage a coup is also too weak to protect against Islamists.

Hopefully, they will be more effective than the Iraqi army.

I don’t want to get into this tangent too much but it does sound like Nigeria may be using some Mercenaries, Soldier of Fortune types from other countries, South Africa for one because there was a bit of a diplomatic hiccup about allowing veteran South African fighters going to other countries to fight.

If that is what it takes!

I’m not familiar with nigerian politics but if I have it right the christian backed party of the former pres is less militant about fighting radical islam than the current govenment.

That is how I understood the last Nigerian election too.

Of all things, I read that a firm headed by David Axelrod, you know, Obama’s past press secretary I believe, well, his firm ran the election campaign for Buhari.

And at the same time, there has been give and take in the US/Nigeria relationship.