New Pro-Life song just released on

There is a new pro-life song just added to the mp3 download section at

The song was recorded by a new pro-life singing group known as “The Ladies of Cecilia”. It is titled “let Me Be Born” and proclaims the pro-life message in a most beautiful way. The song was written to help educate today’s youth about the evils of abortion and to refute some of the more common misleading pro-choice slogans: “it’s my body”; “it’s my choice”; it’s just a blob of tissue, not a baby, etc.

The song is basically an imaginary conversation between a little baby in the womb, and it’s mother. The baby overhears it’s mother talking about having an abortion and decides it’s time for a serious “mommy-baby” talk. As the song progresses, we see that the baby is really talking to all of us: asking us to pray for an end to this scourge on our nation; asking us to proclaim, to all young people, the truth about abortion. The baby in this song represents all babies whose “mommy’s” may be considering an abortion; it is speaking for all those unborn children who are unable to say: "mommy, I want to live”.

The song clearly states the Churches teaching about the evils of abortion, and positively shows that there is new life in the womb, life that is a child, not a “choice”, a child who wants to live, love and be loved in return.

The groups website is:, and the song is available as an mp3 download at