🇨🇦 NEW: Trudeau govt rushed $371 million deal for medical gowns with man selling protein drinks from basement | OP: Trudeau government rushed $237 million ventilator deal with 7 day old company linked to ex-Liberal MP

Did anyone expect Trudeau & Co. to behave better?

Rough translation:

The Trudeau government rushed into a nearly quarter-billion-dollar deal last spring to buy high-cost medical ventilators made by the company of a longtime former MP and Liberal organizer.

Even though Baylis makes the fans, it was an obscure company, FTI Professional Grade, that signed the contract with the federal government. The latter, which has a team of only two people according to its website, has subcontracted the manufacturing to Baylis.

FTI Professional Grade was formed just seven days before securing the $ 237 million contract.

This non-competitive contract has raised questions in Ottawa in recent weeks. It is reminiscent of the one awarded to WE Charity last spring to manage a student volunteer program.

This in addition to these in the last few months:

Magically, this motion for calling for more transparency is not a confidence vote unlike the one last week related to Trudeau & Co.'s WE Scam scandal.

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal WE Scam scandal:

A very good question from a Saskatchewan MP for Trudeau & Co., which of course they danced around:

Mr. Speaker, for the Liberals, a team Canada approach means helping their friends in business.

Months ago, manufacturers in the Prairies and in B.C. were quick to retool, prove their capacity and offer ready support. They were not picked by the Liberals, and now there are piles of PPEs going nowhere.

However, there is totally the opposite treatment for companies like Baylis Medical and Medicom.

Why does the government prioritize Liberal connections and Liberal ridings?

Ontario Conservative MP asks:

The Baylis ventilator is produced cheaper, yet sold for $100 million more than its competitors. It follows the objective fact that the government will always put its Liberal friends to the front of the queue and line their pockets whenever it can.

Was Frank Baylis’ deep connections to the Liberal Party of Canada the determining factor in awarding this contract?

Non-answer from the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry:

Mr. Chair, I want to thank my hon. colleague for asking this question, because it enables me to talk about the effort that Canadians undertook across the country. When we had a call to action, over 6,700 Canadians stepped up to help us produce personal protective equipment for front-line health care workers. We are very proud of these efforts. We are very proud of the fact that these Canadians have delivered for our front-line health care workers across the country.

The Trudeau gang could have answered with a simple no if it’s not true.

In addition to the now-nixed deal to distribute nearly half a billion dollars in student volunteer funding [i.e. Liberal’s WE Scam], [the ethics committee proposal] would also explore all aspects of a contract with the manufacturers of ventilators and other medical devices that includes a company founded by former Liberal MP Frank Baylis, as well the (unsuccessful) lobbying campaign launched by Canada’s former ambassador to the United States [appointed by Trudeau], David McNaughton , on behalf of his new employer, Palantir Canada, which federal ethics watchdog Mario Dion found to be in breach of the rules governing the conduct of former public office holders.

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The cost of questionable decisions by Trudeau and gang has hit $608 million.

A Quebec MP asks:

Mr. Speaker, Proline Advantage was awarded an untendered $371-million contract for medical gowns. The problem is, that company does not make gowns.

FTI Professional Grade was awarded an untendered $237-million contract for medical ventilators. The problem is, that company does not make ventilators. This summer, WE Charity got an untendered $900-million contract to create a grant system.

Why is it so easy for this government to hand out hundreds of millions of dollars to people who do not provide the goods or services required?

Non-answer from Trudeau:

Mr. Speaker, from the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen Canadians, businesses and creators mobilize to help fight COVID-19.

From manufacturers developing new PPE to individuals finding ways to bring it here from around the world, we have been able to develop solutions right here at home so we would no longer face the challenges of sourcing the necessary medical equipment and PPE.

We are very proud of the efforts that all Canadians have made, and we will continue to work to ensure that all Canadians are protected.

The same Quebec MP points out a new problem and presses Trudeau to answer:

Mr. Speaker, last month, the government pushed for the creation of a special committee to study all COVID-19-related spending.

Since then we have learned that $371 million was awarded to just one man for medical gowns for twice the price, a man who was selling protein drinks out of his basement, not medical supplies. We also learned that the government had given $237 million, which is $100 million too much, to former MP Frank Baylis, who just a year ago was still a Liberal MP.

Can the Prime Minister explain to us why he does not want us to have this committee to study COVID-19 spending?

Another non-answer from Trudeau:

Mr. Speaker, I know that some people watching this question period might be worried that there is a tremendous shortage of medical equipment or personal protective equipment. I can assure the House and Canadians who are watching.

Over the past few days alone, the following products have been delivered to the provinces and territories: more than 5.2 million N95 masks, more than three million surgical masks and more than one million gowns. We will continue to deliver the necessary equipment to the provinces and territories and to all Canadians in the country during this pandemic.

Trudeau never seems to get into trouble for anything he does. There are regular articles in the news cycle from just about everything from Blackface to massive corruption and he always walks away.

Under the Paris Agreement, Canada is supposed to reduce its emissions by 30% by 2030, compared to 2005 levels. The country will miss its 2020 target and is on track to miss its 2025 target

Trudeau does a lot of talking but realizes it is not possible. I think India was the only country that met its projected Climate Change agreement. How? With electric rickshaws and renewable energy.

You know it is bad when CNN is writing articles about it.

It also casts unwelcome scrutiny on his immediate family and on an international charity juggernaut with links to Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and several other well-known celebrities and leaders.

"“The latest imbroglio is related to the government contract handed to the WE Charity to run a $660 million program for students unable to find summer work due to Covid-19”.

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