Not enough cash, pregnanted woman gave birth to her baby at the cashier
reported on Aug 26th
automatic translation by google

Because the deposit is insufficient, the deformed pregnant woman was unexpectedly refused to accept by the hospital, is urgent under have to gives birth to in the hospital 收费处 entrance the child, the newborn because the oxygen deficit brain illness until now still is detained in the province child hospital. Yesterday (on 24th), reporter saw this baby and his mother. This deformed pregnant woman is west the Taiyuan ten thousand cypress forest regions the inscription country peach apricot village person, because of the leg department illness, for many years has depended on eats lowly guarantees for lives, the husband is the fruit sells. On July 28th about evening 9 o’clock, approach the childbirth she suddenly feels the belly intermittent ache, father Xu lives the Yuan hurriedly leads the daughter " to hit " to the neighbor Xishan coal electricity group staff hospital, latter because meets examines doctor says no good medicine the hospital does do not have, is unable to deal with the contingency, immediately changes to the Shanxi medical college third hospital. The after registration, one surname permits is on duty doctor knows Xu lives when in the Yuan pocket only has 200 Yuan deposit, including calls " cannot receive ", suggests they quickly changes to ten thousand cypress forest regions central hospital. Xu lives the Yuan one place the nurse reaches an agreement the speech to doctor, but was on duty doctor still persists the hospital " stipulated “, did not give pays attention to. But this time, is going to two buildings restrooms pregnant woman’s blood and the amniotic fluid is being suitable the leg does not stop toward the lower reaches, one was hospitalized the old person sees the shape then holds it to the building under collects fees the window, the strut without stopping pregnant woman afterwards gives birth to one male infant, by now already was the evening 10 o’clock 25 minute. Witnesses this shape, scene medical care personnel hurries to do post-natal processing, and delivers their mother and child the handling room. Next day about the zero hour 30 minute, the baby weeping sound 渐弱, the mouth spits the foam, the whole body twitches, urgently changes to the province child hospital, at present has passed the dangerous period. Shanxi medical college third hospital gynecology and obstetrics department’s Doctor Xu acknowledges, the pregnant woman lives the child in the hospital 收费处 entrance is true. When the matter sends, the pregnant woman only takes 2300 Yuan, also dislikes the hospital collects fees high, is she must walk. Regarding this view Xu lives the Yuan decidedly denies: " Under at that time that kind of situation, we possibly proposed again transferred the courtyard? This hospital manner too let the person fearful!”

manual translation

because of not having enough cash deposit, a pregnanted woman with disabilities was unexpectedly refused by hospital. Under emergency she had to give birth near the cashier. the newly born suffered brain damages from the lack of oxygen and was still in Children’s Hospital. yesterday (24th) reporter met the baby and his mother.

The mother came from Taoxing Village Ximing Village Wanbailing District Taiyuan City Shanxi province. Because of disability of the leg, for years, she lived on “low income welfare”. Her husband sold fruits. 9pm of July 28th, approaching childbirth, she suddenly felt intermittent aches in the belly. Xu Shengyuan, her father, took her to the nearby Xishan Coal Electricity Group Staff hospital. Doctors there said they didn’t have enough medicine to cope with emergency. They then hurried off to the 3rd Hospital of Shanxi Medical University.

After registration, a doctor on duty named Xu repeated told Xu Shengyuan “unable to receive her”, ackownledging he only had 200 yuan($25) in his pocket and tell him to go to Wanbailin District Center hospital, Xu Shengyuan repeatedly begged doctors and nurses(literal translation: said many good things to doctors and nurses again and again). but doctors insisted it was the hospital’s
discipline and wouldn’t pay any attention.
At the same time, the preganted woman was heading to the WC on the 2nd floor. Blood and amniotic fluid was streaming down her legs. seeing this, an elderly hospitalized patient helped her to the cashier downstairs. she could held it back any longer and gave birth a baby boy. It was 10:25pm. medics on the spot gave her some emergency post-partum treatment and send mother and her baby to treatment room. 0:30am the next day, the crying sound of the baby became weaker and weaker with foam at the mouth and convulsions all over the body(grand mal seizure?), he was urgently sent to Children’s Hospital. So far he has passed the dangerous period.

Dr Xu said it’s true she gave birth at the cashier. but they only had 200 yuan, at the time of incident, the preganted believes the charge was too much and wanted to leave the hospital on her own. Regarding this, Xu Shengyuan adamently denied, “Under that situation, could we propose transfering to another hospital. the attitude of this hospital is heartbreaking!”