Novena to 13 Blessed Souls

Let me share you this novena that i pray everynight for almost three months now. :slight_smile:

(Jesus and the 12 Apostles)

Oh my thirteen Blessed souls so wise and understanding, I ask you for the Love of God that my request be answered.
Oh my thirteen Blessed souls so wise and understanding, I ask you for the Love of God that my request be answered. Of you I ask for the sake of the blood that Jesus shed that my request be answered.
My Lord Jesus Christ that your protection wrap me with your arms. Guard me with your eyes.

O God of kindness you have been my defender in life and death. I ask that you free me from the difficulties that torment me. My thirteen blessed souls so wise and understanding having received the grace I seek from you (state request) I will be devoted to you.

*Say Thirteen Our Father’s and Thirteen Hail Mary’s for Thirteen consecutive days. Publish this prayer (share it with a friend) and give a Mass of Thanksgiving. *

God Bless You! :thumbsup:

Is this an authorized devotion of the Church?

God Bless You :slight_smile:

Any conditions attached to a prayer that say do this, publish this, leave copies in the church, etc. and your prayer will be answered, are frowed upon by the Church as being superstitious. The prayer itself is good but these particular kind of requirements are not. It is in a way trying to control God. I am doing this for you so you have to do this for me. What happens if God answers the prayer in a way the person does not expect or if the outcome is not what the person wanted? What happens to the faith of the person…“I fullfilled the conditions but God didn’t give me what I wanted.” See the point. God answers prayers the way He wants to in His good time.

We constantly find novena prayers like this in our church and they go straight into the garbage. We also get people wanting to print them in our bulletin and we refuse. That is not how prayer works.

Im just sharing this beautiful prayer here. If this is not the right place forgive me. I didn’t mean instruct all of you guys to do whatever conditions that come along with this prayer. come on, its the prayer which is the most important.

[](i got it here!)

The prayer itself is fine. Just don’t include the “requirements” for the prayer request to be granted.

Who are these “13 Blessed Souls”? :confused:

Jesus and his twelve apostles.

Have you ever thought about the simple fact that Jesus is much more than a “blessed soul”?

Furthermore, when one talks about the “power” or “strength” of a novena or prayer, as this site does, it descends into sorcery–the idea that if you do the right thing and say the magic words, you have God over a barrel.

The only “prayers” that have such power are the forms of the Holy Sacraments. We know these are powerful, because God has already willed they be so.

All other prayers have to wait on God’s will.

I lost mt job for more than 2 years and had no hope. I started pray on Novena to 13 Blessed Souls around end of December 2010. I got a call from one company after New Year break, got into inteviews and then got a job. Thank to God who always look after me.

My understanding is that the part about publishing the novena and getting a Mass said, are not conditions or anything superstitious, but something the person does in thanksgiving.

It does not say they are conditions…

Hi Joannm,
The original post did not say that something would be granted if the novena were said.
Its’ just nine days of prayers and good ones. Jesus does have a soul, and He understands
us more than we understand ourselves. But I do understand you concerns.

I am currently praying this novena for a job but I wanted to give testimony to this powerful novena.

When I first read this prayer to the 13 blessed souls, I prayed to be forgiven for a sin I committed in 2002.

Well I asked for forgiveness of this sin and to released from it. That night I had these vivid dreams reliving everything like it was flashing before my eyes. I went through a night of torment living the pain I had put people through. It was something different than anything I’ve ever experienced.

When I woke up I truly felt Jesus had forgiven me.

thank you,

I was praying this novena for employment and got 2 interviews in one day and another call from a company, and this hasn’t happened to me since I began to look for a job in May! :slight_smile:

Great News!!!

I finished praying my novena to the 13 Blessed Souls on Sunday Sept. 4. But I continued to pray to St. Jude, the angels. and other novenas. I didn’t quit and today, today, my phone rang and I was offered the job I wanted.

I will continue to pray until I’m settled into my position. I’m so happy and so grateful. Thank you 13 Blessed Souls.

This is an amazing novena…thank the 13 saints for their positive outcome.:slight_smile:

Prayers that come with conditions are effectively chain letters and should be deleted.

I am currently doing this Novena for the 2nd time. I had interviewed for a position that I realized after the interview it would not be a good fit (lot more travel than willing to do with family obligations). At the end of my first novena, like the day after, the employer that I interviewed called to let me know I did not get the position, but they were very positive about my qualifications for upcoming positions they would be filling. . Even though I did not get the position it was encouraging to hear the employer’s comments and it reinforced that I am on the right path.
I was a bit stressed on the instructions to “publish this prayer (share it with a friend)” because I don’t know of any Catholic friends currently looking for a job, so I was going to print it out and leave it in the Church, but unsure if that was OK, even though I had seen Novenas shared that way.
It is interesting to hear the different opinions on publishing the novena. I would not hesitate to share it with a friend, but do feel weird about leaving it in the Church.

Such a wonderful Novena!! Amen.

Wow. I had just finished my second Novena, plus the St. Josemaria Novena for employment and an old boss out of the blue emailed me and asked if I was still looking for work. I had previously asked him if I could include him as a reference on resumes I was sending out. He had an immediate need and I started this week! During the interview, I told him that I was looking for a family friendly job. He was very understanding and put me on salary at 32 hours/week. I am thrilled! God Bless!!!:smiley: