Obama Agrees To U.N. Discussion Of Putting Syria Chemical Weapons Under International Control

WASHINGTON – A White House official says President Barack Obama has agreed to discussions at the United Nations Security Council on a proposal from Russia to secure Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles.

Link: huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/10/obama-un-russia-syria_n_3900121.html

This is good. Whether we like Obama or not, we do need peace, and this is a step to at least, I do say at least to calm the waters down.

Thank God that Obama is backing off.

So many call our President to blame for everything. He has been in office for less than 5years and freely elected. Do you not know the development of poison gas weapons should have been banned and destroyed after the use of them in the First World War.And now, after almost 100years, when we have a man to finally stand up to the world and say it must be stopped now and forever. His strength and firmness has finally been heard and will hopefully lead to something that will truly be done to rid the world of this evil.
I would hope the tearing down of our President would stop, it causes nothing but unrest.

The farther we get, the off-er he backs.

I like it. :smiley:

I hope this is true.

And that man was George Bush.

I was not tearing down the President. I just thank God that he backed off from making a terrible mistake. Pride would have come before the fall.

I thank God that Obama backed off and that Congress has become somewhat wiser ! :thumbsup:

I am glad that it appears that there might be a solution to this crisis, at least a temporary solution. Hopefully this will prevent any military strike on Syria which would be an act of unjust war.

Kerry and Obama look like puppets with Putin pulling the strings to make them dance so well. Kerry stumbled into a way not to punish Syria for using chemical weapons.

It worked out well for all concerned, except for the next 100k victims of the war of course.

No. Putin came off as the only adult in the room.

And he still takes flack for it.

It is not as if that is fundamentally disagreeing with my comment.

Perhaps I should have written “or” instead of “no”.

Yes, we agree. Pope Francis must be given the credit he deserves. He is the first person to bring together the citizens of the world crossing national boundaries, religious boundaries and political ideologies. He is the first pope to stand up to the presidents and prime ministers of the world and tell them to their faces that they’re the cause of this problem in the first place and they now have a moral duty to resolve it without incurring more sin.

We’re all glad that our president took some good advice, if not took the advice, was wise enough to know that it would be very unpopular to take the opposing road, except with a few American Catholics who place the American before the Catholic.

Being kind of judgmental of people whose hearts you don’t know.

As little as some might think so, it is entirely possible to be a Catholic of good conscience and still disagree with Obama. :rolleyes:

Actually I would think it would almost be a requirement to be a Catholic of good conscience. But that’s just my opinion (and my priest’s).

I see the movements of Kerry and Obama on the issue as flailing. Events are pulling them about haphazardly in all directions. Kerry responds to reporters giving them what he thinks they want to hear, which leads to his blurting out that ‘America won’t take action, if Assad does such and such, like that will ever happen’. It goes against WH policy, such as it is, but before Obama can do much to set the record straight, Putin the puppeteer has Obama dancing along to the tune that Kerry himself was dragged around to.
There is a certain childish naivete in the actions of Obama and Kerry for sure, and Putin is the kind of adult that finds dealing with them as easy as taking candy from a baby.
Most adults that would take a candy from a baby are not the kind of adults that we can put a lot of trust in. That is the kind of adult that Putin is.
As for the kind of people, Obama and Kerry are, they are the kind of people that Americans chose to lead them.:shrug:

I meant it the way you said it. I cannot judge hearts, but I can judge what I can see. I deal with thousands of Catholics each week. You would be surprised how many are Americans first and Catholics second. They stand by the Church until the Church says something that is contrary to the American point of view or does not favor American interests.

I’ve even had people tell me that Jesus wanted nothing to do with government and that’s why he said, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.” They use this as an excuse to ignore the Church.

However, this does not work theologically. If we truly believe that the pope is the Vicar of Christ and we truly believe that Christ is the true King of this world, then we also believe that the Vicar speaks for the King in all areas where the King has the right to speak. Name one area where the King may not speak.

I see Catholics in America who would appreciate it if the King did not speak, but let Obama or whoever is in office do the speaking.

In this case, there is a serious problem. We can’t credit Mr. Obama with coming out in defense of the voiceless who are being slaughtered by the insanity that is going on in Syria, for one simple reason. If you asked Mr. Obama, “Is it OK to abort 100,000 Syrian babies,” he would answer affirmatively. This would be the right of every Syrian woman. His real problem is with those who are killed in plain sight, not with those who are killed before they’re born and disposed of discretely.

If Syria agreed to trade weapons of mass destruction for financial aid to pay for abortions Mr Obama would gladly put up the money, your money. And there are Catholics who would still cheer.

Those actions I can judge, because they’re in plain sight. My particular religious community was founded to identify those actions, denounce them and to teach the faithful to see them for what they are, contrary to the Gospel of Life.

The real hero in this story, if military action is averted will have been Pope Francis. While the leaders of nations were locked up in a room talking about whatever, the Holy Father stirred the citizens of those nations to come into the streets to pray for peace. At the end of the day, I would imagine that some national leaders, including our own president, did not feel comfortable engaging in a moral conflict with their own people. They could not ignore the hundreds of thousands around the world who prayed for peace and are so invested in that cause that they crossed national, political and religious boundaries to come together. This should make the civil leaders of this world stop and take notice of this pope. He pulled off something that they have not been able to pull off.

Supporting a war against a country that has done nothing to us, and practically insuring that Jihadists gain an even bigger foothold is not what I would consider putting America’s interests first. More like the exact opposite.