Obama Makes Another Military Gaffe: Mistakes Fallen Soldier for Living One


Obama Makes Another Military Gaffe:
Mistakes Fallen Soldier for Living One
NewsBusters, by Matthew Sheffield
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Posted 6/24/2011 3:57:36 PM
Liberals in and out of the media are constantly telling us that President Barack Obama is a really smart guy. He’s a “genius” in the words of his chief sycophant Chris Matthews. And yet, for such a supposedly smart guy, Obama seems to be ill-informed about many things, like the fact that we have 50 states in this country or that the word corpsman isn’t pronounced like a dead body. The latest Obama gaffe came yesterday in a speech he gave to the Army’s 10th Mountain Division in which he mistakenly identified a fallen member of that division as another soldier in a completely

Imagine the sturm und drang from the marxist media if someone other than Obama or Biden, made this mistake. Perhaps…former President Bush?!

May the real hero that gave his life for us, R.I.P.

Won’t mattter. The willing accomplices in the MSM will cover for him and it will be smoothed over. A brilliant man? I don’t think so.

Then ,please, don’t vote for him. That’ll show him!

If only he were gay then Obama would have made an effort to learn who he was.

Evidence of this accusation?

Isn’t the gay lobby a key part of the Democrat party’s fundraising and support? If Obama were to alienate the lgbt lobby it would be a blow to his re-election chances.


Wasn’t an isolated gaffe.

Was part of a persistent pattern.

More examples here:


The American Thinker article is rather hard hitting.
I think it is a pretty good indication of what kind of person could make this kind of gaffe though.
This seems to be well-covered on CAF at least. I am not sure that it was much covered in any of the traditional venues.