Old MOVIES: Fire In The Sky

Has anybody seen this one recently. I saw it on netflix and was mad that I never saw it growing up actually. It was a scary film about an alien abduction. It was based on an account by Travis Walton. Now I don’t believe in aliens and that Travis Walton ever went on a spaceship unless he went to space camp, but the film was entertaining.


Fire in the Sky is a gem in my wife and I`s horror movie collection - those last ten minutes are terrifying!:eek:

Yep, I saw it too. Fun movie, but not to be believed. Great boring weekend flick to pass the time when the weather’s too bad to do anything outside and cleaning house is not on the agenda. :smiley:

With aliens, I am not religious about insisting that they never came to earth. I allow for the possibility in which I’m wrong, but I seriously doubt that FITS was based on a true story. But I may be wrong. Travis Walton may have had a mental problem, or probably fabricated the story.

But I believe that if alines, intelligent ones are real, than we shouldn’t contact them because the odds are that they aren’t nice. If they have better technology than us, it may be used against us. It is really silly that we have people sending signals in to outer space trying to contact them.

A great movie, but the gory spacecraft scene was an over-dramatization of what actually happened aboard the ship, according to Travis.

I personally believe in UFOs and alien visitation-----------so I tend to believe that TW experienced “something.” I personally believe, though, that most UFOs are actually negative, demonic entities disguised as aliens, and that what TW actually experienced was interaction with these inter-dimensional, otherwordly demonic “entities.”

I also agree with the above poster who said that Walton has declared that the final scenes were overdramatizations of what actually happened aboard the “ship.”
One is to take it with a grain of salt and with a nod to the “dramatic license” that Hollywood often takes.

There ya go. :):thumbsup:

My favorite actor, Robert Patrick, is in that movie! He plays Mike Rogers (the best friend, the leader of the lumberjacks). I think he was awesome in the role!

I liked the movie and have watched it several times. It reminds me of the play, 12 Angry Men.

I always thought Robert Patrick was one of those underrated actors that never got the credit or screen time he deserved.

I actually drive regularly through the area where Walton said he was abducted while clearing brush, and have camped nearby. Never abducted (or if I was, I don’t remember it!) :wink:

You probably have been abducted, but the aliens erased your memory of the experience. Every once in a while, like when you walk into a French restaurant, or go to an RV show (recreational vehicles), you flashback to that time when you were captive on the space ship.

When you go through the checkout at the airport, does a little funny-shaped object show up in your neck? :eek:

It does, but I always thought that was due to a bad experience with my brother-in-law’s nail gun.

Arizona Mike:

Just make sure to wear a tin foil hat the next time you camp in those woods. :slight_smile:

I can remember when Whitley Schrieber (Communion) was on Johnny Carson talking about his abduction.

I wear a tin-foil hat everywhere.

I hate to be a “spoiler” and “party pooper” here-------but there IS evidence that some (not all) people have been abducted and devices planted in them.

Again-----I believe this to be (mostly) really demonic entities masquerading as “aliens”-------may even have been real aliens-----whichever--------

But the fact that this is mostly totally anti-Christian and demonic does NOT mean things like these have not happened.

Don’t be so dismissive.


I don’t think anyone is being dismissive. Many times, we use humor to try to deal with our fears.

If you have seen the movie, Fire in the Sky, you know that it deals with alien abduction in a very thought-provoking way. If I were a high school teacher, I would show it to my students and ask them what they thought happened. It’s an excellent movie to teach us to not be so quick to dismiss what we don’t understand.

Robert Patrick has said that other than Terminator, Fire in the Sky is the movie that he is most often asked about.


Cat is correct—thanks Cat. I was only using humor and certainly not being dismissive. I have a pretty opened mind about all things that go bump in the night and that includes UFO’s. I have no idea if they are demonic or not but I have seen a few things in my time and that’s why my foil hat comes out of the closet every now and then. :wink:

I have the movie Fire in the Sky and also Communion. Very interesting.

Scared the **** out of me!!! and I’m not even a big believer in UFO’s. Barely spoke to my husband who’s idea it was to see it and stay all the way thru it for a week!

I remember watching this years ago home alone at night. Right when the alien drill bit was approaching the abductee’s eye there was a black out at my house. Scared the heck out of me…

As someone who has studied UFOs for a long time, Fire in the Sky is questionable. The few books written about the abduction phenomenon, such as by John E. Mack, M.D., may or may not describe actual experiences. In fact, Dr. Mack refers to alleged abductees as ‘experiencers.’

I think there is far more evidence of people having vivid dreams or those examining them providing too many leading questions where people who have a propensity to fantasize, make up answers to suit the suggestions as opposed to describing a real event.

Also, there is more evidence that UFOs are man-made aircraft. The idea that demons need a physical, metallic object that can be chased by jet fighters is without merit.


Thank you, that will help me sleep better.
My daughter’s Home Ec teacher claims to have been abducted by aliens, makes for some really interesting classes.