Old people auctioned off to care homes on the internet: Anger over 'cattle markets for grannies' as councils accept lowest bids to save cash


The elderly and disabled are being ‘put up for auction’ by local councils on ‘eBay-style’ websites, with care firms then bidding to offer them a bed.

At least a dozen local authorities are listing vulnerable people’s details – including their age and what care and medication they need – before inviting bids from care homes in the area.

The bidding is sometimes open for only a few hours, at other times it can last for two or three days. The cheapest offer often wins.

Critics last night said the system was akin to ‘auctioning your granny’ and a ‘cattle market’, saying sensitive decisions about an elderly resident’s final years are being made by a computer programme that is only interested in costs.

It also means the patient or their family often does not see the care home, and that those running the home do not see the patient before they arrive.

Although this seems absurd and barbaric, it doesn’t really make any sense to me. What happens if no one bids on one of these elderly people? Is there some sort of state warehousing facility that farms them out to more desirable homes? It’s altogether surreal.

The Daily Mail, like the Guardian, is not a credible nor serious news outlet.
One would do well to read more reliable publications.
There’s plenty out there.

I am a granny who has her original teeth. :smiley:

Keep on smilin’, granny!

:newidea:Whether this bit of “news” is true or not, let’s take this as a reminder to pray for our elderly, especially for those who have no one to care for them. They are someone’s sister, brother, mother, father or child. They are all Gods children. As for me, I will visit the nursing home this week. God bless and care for them all.

There is a reason that there is a demand by old people to go the assisted suicide route. There can be nothing more demoralizing and destructive of human dignity than understanding oneself to be a burden on others.

I wonder if they do their children’s daycare the same way.

I don’t think that is really true. If that was, people over 65 would be clamoring to pay the full cost of their medicare benefits and demanding to reduce the social security they receive. They are bankrupting this country and I don’t see any of them the least bit concerned.

Until they are in a lot of pain, or become isolated.