Online version of St. Joseph Guide?

I am aware of the printed version of the St. Joseph Guide for the Liturgy of the Hours. Does anyone know if there is an online version of this booklet and what the url is? Thanks!

I have looked before and never neen able to find one. I just received my copies of the 2010 guide-I always order 2 in case I lose one!

Week at a time:

For Christian Prayer

For the Liturgy of the Hours

Like the “St Joseph Guide”, these are for the CBP editions. Users of the Daughters of St Paul editions are, AFAIK, out of luck.


Even better then the booklet is to be found at the St. Thomas More House of Prayer

Page numbers for everything, for both Christian Prayer and LOTH. Download the appropiate page to you printer. Updated monthly.:thumbsup:

These are wonderful resources. Thank you so much everyone, for posting these!

Thank you for posting this, with no credit card and or local retail store to purchase one, it is a valuable resource. Thanks be to God.


Actual page numbers for MP and EP can be found at…

The pages are supposed to be updated monthly, but sometimes a lapse of a few days occurs.

Thank you very much for listing these websites. This has been a big help to me as I do say the Liturgy of the Hours each day, but sometimes I am not really sure if I have said the proper prayers, etc for that day. This helps so much. Thanks.

This is fantastic! Many years I don’t get the St Joseph’s Guide until January:(