Oops - I ate meat on Friday

I had meat for lunch and dinner today, because i wasn’t thinking and i forgot that it was lent. What should i do?

Don’t stress. If you genuinely forgot then you forgot, nothing wrong with that. Happens to the best of us.

Maybe do something tomorrow to make up for it, if you feel badly?

You’re in good hands with Lily here, BrooklynBoy.

don’t eat meet on another day. Perhaps try to abstain on both Wednesday and Friday of next week to make up for this week since Wedndedays have been abstaining days in the past.

Aww shucks :o

I do my humble best :wink:

Yeah, I’m with ya. I took a bite of a Philly cheese steak yesterday before I realized what I was doing.

Good advice above. To be a sin, an act has to be intentional. The combination of eating from habit and forgetting what day of the week it is won’t make God fall off his throne. Apologize, ask forgiveness, and go in. Do something else instead, if you’re moved in that direction.

In my case, the cheese-steak is waiting in the fridge for my lunch today. And it really was hard to put it off until today–that one bite was GOOD! :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with you guys about there being no fault with forgetting, & think the ideas to give up or do something on another day are great.

Guilty question, though… I was struggling with fasting on Ash Wednesday, but managed all day. I was bulimic in college & for a while after. That was years ago, & it’s resolved, but I occasionally have food issues. I know God can get us through addictions & things, but from experience I try to go easy on myself with food issues & mostly avoid fasting unless it’s really required. I know people who fast on Sundays & just offer that up a lot.

Anyway, I’m making a short story long, but at 10:30 at night on Wed., I easily rationalized myself into having a snack. I was so mad at myself after lasting all day. Is it a sin if you do it intentionally on a required day?

Hi mmm,

I would ask a priest; if you have had issues with bulimia it may be in your best interests to get dispensed from fasting. The church tends to be pretty generous with such things.

As far as it’s being a sin, you could just go to confession for you own peace of mind. But if your motives in snacking were to avoid triggering more serious problems like binging temptations etc. then I would say they were very good motives. Fasting is for our spiritual benefit, and if it doesn’t benefit an individual it’s best to avoid it. But as I said, check with a priest about all this.

As far as forgetting to abstain, it’s true there is no grave sin in it if it was mere forgetfulness. But I would suggest that forgetting could be taken as a sign of possible neglect or laziness in one’s Catholic life. Perhaps those who forget these things with any frequency could consider daily readings that will keep them in better touch with the litugical year? Just a thought.

God Bless,

Me too. During the first friday of my first Lent too!

Not a problem. Just be more careful next time. God wants your love more than your penance of not eating Meat. I am sure He understands.

My Dad’s cousin went to breakfast one Lent, with all the family after Mass. He ordered Sausage and eggs. One of the other cousins reminded him it was Friday so he changed it to Bacon and eggs. :whacky:

It wasn’t until after they all ate, that someone finally remembered Bacon is meat also. :rotfl: :rotfl: They never let him live that one down…I think that was more punishment than confessing he had memory problems. :smiley:

I’ve done this :slight_smile: no worries, what maggie said was perfect

if you have a datebook or calendar that you check regularly, draw a fish on the dates for the Fridays of Lent and Ash Wednesday. If you have a cell phone, you can set it to give you a reminder shortly before mealtimes. You can also put a note on your refrigerator or something. There are ways to make sure you remember.