Our Sexual Wasteland

If a group of evil conspirators plotted to destroy the West, top on their list would be the plan to ravage it with everything sexual. Unleashing a tsunami of porn, sleaze and over-the-top sexuality would be a leading means by which the destruction of the West could be implemented.

And this is not just the stuff of fantasy. Cultural Marxists have long sought to do this very thing. They have long made known their tactics in how to take over the West from within. When they tell us what they plan to do, we better take notice.

As an example of this, in his 1958 book The Naked Communist, ex-FBI agent Cleon Skousen offered 45 declared goals of the communists in their attempt to take over America. Here are some of those which have to do with marriage, family, morality and sexuality:

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Fascinating commentary. I’ve long said that it’s not the catholic church that’s obsessed with sex, it’s our culture! All the church really has to say about the subject is that God designed human sexuality such that marriage, sexual intimacy and babies are ONE subject, not three and that attempts to separate these into unrelated subjects will only cause misery and disaster because doing so is sin and that’s what sin does. It’s that simple, but society hurls itself against this truth from almost every angle!

The conspiracy isn’t Marxist at its core though. It’s deeper than that. The marriage relationship is how humanity most fully reflects God’s image and likeness, which is why the devil works so vigorously to pervert sexuality in any way he can. In no other aspect do humans have the gift of participating in making new immortal beings. Makes the devil quake with rage.

How would that explain the millions of immortal beings born to unmarried parents each year?

The current attempts to destroy marriage and the norms that once existed and still exist, to a lesser degree today, about male-female relationships had to be destroyed. It is based on classic Marxist class warfare strategy.

Women - the eternal victims class.
Men - the eternal enemies class.

The goal was to divide each class into warring camps and create discontent, division and distortion through lies, half truths and deception. Totally Marxist. One cannot ignore the methods they used and are still using to make women, their primary targets, believe they need courses in “Women’s Studies” because they don’t even share a species relationship with men.

“A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Feminist “icon,” Gloria Steinem.

Without understanding the strategies and tactics being used now, in everyday life, those who are trying to help them will not understand them - that’s us. I mean, thanks to the media, especially the internet, women are being exploited as in no other time in history.

I will definitely pick up a copy of that book. Thanks.


You misunderstand me, I think. It appears that you are pointing out that babies result from sex outside of marriage too. All too true, but these circumstances are NOT what God intended according to catholic understanding. Put it this way, if Catholicism is correct and “unconventional family arrangements” are innately out of accord with God’s design for human flourishing, then we would expect, on a population level, to see that children in such arrangements do not fare as well as children raised by a mother and father in a healthy marriage. Sure enough that’s precisely what sociological data shows.

The biological human mechanism for generating new human bodies works whether there is marriage or not; but only is marriage is the familial relationship of the Holy Trinity embodied.


I hate communism as much as the next guy, but I hardly think it is fair to allow an anti-communist to define communism in such a purposefully derisive way, putting words into the mouths of communists in such a fashion.

Are you suggesting that women were just fine until feminism came along?

There were two feminisms; the original movement that responded to the real injustices existing , versus the modern version that sees all males as the enemy and potential rapists; spells ‘women’ with a Y; etc.

They both used the title “feminism” but were two different beasts.


and what the exploitation of women is doing to the minds of men. The damage this does to relationships and families and the marxists know this.