Our Sunday Visitor to be the news voice of the USCCB

It was announced earlier this year that Catholic New Service, the news voice of the USCCB would be shutting down at the end of December much to the disappointment of many. However OSV stepped up to the plate and as of January 1st they will be taking on the CNS staff to continue to bring reliable Catholic news out of the US.

You’d think they’d start a 24-hour news and spiritual content television channel (or possibly two, one English, one Spanish), and online streaming video presence, to advance the thinking and goals of Pope Francis and the US bishops, to counter EWTN as well as smaller online media initiatives such as Church Militant, LifeSiteNews, and the various podcasts (Taylor Marshall et al). Surely the US bishops have enough clout, and personal connections, to get the channel placed on major cable systems as well as satellite (Dish and DirecTV).

For that matter, I’ve had to wonder why the Vatican doesn’t start its own equivalent of CNN, France24, or Al-Jazeera, and use its own clout to get similar placements worldwide.

Oh no. Who wants the Church to be so crass and in the media for some sort of power trip. No, like Jesus, authenticity doesn’t need to prove itself. It’s self perpetuating.

It wouldn’t be at all improper for the Church to have some sort of sober, balanced, responsible media outlet such as that. The Christian Scientists have their eponymous Monitor. And there is already Vatican Radio as well as L’Osservatore Romano.

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Don’t forget to bookmark Our Sunday Visitor. On the 1st of January it will be the media voice of the USCCB as CNS closes up shop tomorrow.


Thank you for the link…

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