Passover Celebrations On Holy Thursday

Hi I was wondering, do other Catholics also explicitly celebrate passover on Holy Thursday? In the Knanaya Catholic Church, on Holy Thursday or as we call is Pesaha (which translates to passover) is celebrated at the parish and at homes.

Pesaha Appam (Unleavened Bread) and Pesaha Paal (Sweet Coconut Milk) are distributed, blessed, and eaten by the parishioners during the celebrations of the Holy Thursday Qurbana. The bread and milk is arranged at home by the parishioners who bring it to church to be fed to the entire parish. On top of the bread and milk, small Palm Sunday leaves are arranged to represent the cross.

After the Holy Qurbana when the parishioners get home, there is another ceremony where the father of the family blesses the bread and milk again and distributes it to his family members, starting with the males first. The Pesaha bread and milk are the only foods eaten by the family members for the rest of Holy Week.


I haven’t heard of it in the Ruthenian or Latin Churches I attend.

The local Roman cathedral did for many years.