Patron Saint for weather

This may sound like a strange request. Is there a patron saint for weather. My husband’s business depends on the weather. It has been raining way to much. We need lots of cold for the ground to freeze.

We have been having strange weather in my area of the country.
It’s way to warm and has been raining way to much.

I need the intercession of a great saint!!!

Good request, although I would praying for the opposite - more rain and warmer weather (it got down to 34 degrees last night, too cold!!) :slight_smile:

Found this on the Patron Saints Index at the Catholic Community Forum.

against bad weather

for good weather** [indent]Agricola of Avignon
Clare of Assisi
Medard of Noyon

[/indent] If you visit the Patron Saints Index at

you may be able to find something a little more specific.

Hope this helps!


You JUST beat me to it Edward!! :thumbsup:

Your specific request is a bit at odds with the traditional role most of these Saints have played.

Saint Sebald is the patron Saint against cold weather.

Medard is considered the patron Saint against bad weather/for rain.
Interestingly, he may have been the first to celebrate a version of Groundhog Day:

Legend has it that if it rains on his feast day, the next 40 days will be wet; if the weather is good, the next 40 will be fine as well.

Agricola of Avignon is the patron Saint for rain and good weather.

There is Clare of Assisi, but I couldn’t find anything in her biography to indicate why she is associated with weather, or any specificity as to what weather.

More promising is Eurosia, who according to the link is apparently the Saint for furious hail, but unfortunately also of frightful waters.