Patron Saint of sleep? and

Is there a patron Saint associted with sleep oand or sleep disorders?
Is there a patron Saint of packagers or warehouse workers?
Thanks, I can’t seem to find out the answers to these things.

I would think Saint Joseph would be a suitable candidate as patron Saint for sleep and workers.

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search these sites…

St. Vitus is the patron saint against oversleeping. Archangel Raphael against nightmares. I couldn’t find an insomnia one. Does that help?

Thanks for the tip about Saint Raphael. It will come in handy – maybe – I hope – around here. We have a new son and he is not quite 5 yrs. and has been terrorized about goblins and such from his previous life. Perhaps he will call upon St. Raphael. It would probably be an improvement in not just praying to St. Michael so much.


St Barbara is the patron saint of warehouses and, I would suppose, by extension, warehousemen

St Barbara

St Dymphna is the patron saint of sleepwalkers, which would logically make her a patron of sleep disorders, one supposes

St Dymphna

As someone already noted, St Raphael the Archangel is the patron saint against nightmares

St Raphael the Archangel

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You might try asking your guardian angels to watch over you and protect you through the night. We also ask Jesus to help us have good dreams and good thoughts through the night. All part of our nightly prayers!

I would also suggest that your child can pray to his Guardian Angel for protection from nightmares.

St. Elijah is the patron saint of sleep. His feast day is July 20th. :sleep: