Patron Saint of Sleeplessness

Is there a patron Saint of Sleeplessness? I suffer terribly from it.


I’m not sure if there is a patron saint for insomnia but I suffer from this condition too and the rosary always makes the nights go faster. Try praying it very slowly. Also I usually ask my guardian angel to soothe my mind. This also helps some times. Lastly I offer the long hours of sleeplessness for a very special personal intention I have when everything else fails.

Viva Cristo Rey!!


I came to this post because I was hoping you had the answer:). My searches came up empty. Maybe the parton saint for insomnia would be patron for those with sleep apnea as well.

Thank you for the advice. Would be nice to find out. After a bit of research I found that St.Dympna happens to be the closest.

St Eutychus, Acts 20.

I would say St. Rose of Lima, who made herself a penitential bed.

“The bed she made for herself was made of broken glass, thorns and stone.”

This is a mental/nervous disorder. Call in St. Dymphna.

I used to listen to “The Rosary is a Place” by Father Benjamin Groeschel on Immaculate Heart Radio. He made this program about 10 years ago when his voice was so soothing, no gravelly as it is now. It was calming and took away my anxiety about getting to sleep. I tuned in the IHR California station on internet. It was on at 8:00 PST, so 11:00 for me. Perfect. Blessed zzzzzz’s

The Saint Philomena Foundation will send you a CD of The Rosary is a Place for free if you write them. There’s a separate CD with the Luminous Mysteries also.

Saint Blais, Patron Saint for Throat, and for OSA (sleep apnea). Saint Dymphna for sleepwalking and non-OSA sleep disorders. Saint Joseph for good sleep. Saint Vitus for oversleeping. Saints John, James, and Peter for wakefulness and attentiveness (overcome sleepiness at inappropriate times). Saint Raphael, the Archangel, to ward off nightmares/terrors.

I have suffered insomnia for 30 years. It started when my son was 9 months old. He was a happy beautiful baby in every way. I just stopped sleeping. I have taken various medications and they are not reliable. Just this morning I thought I would google patron saint of insomnia. It brought me here. I like the reference to St Rose of Lima. Her expression of penitence seems to fit the way I feel about my bed when I don’t sleep.

If there isn’t I reccomend Eutychus (Acts 20:9).

I know this is an old post, but just discovered it. My best bet would be St. Peter Damian, who as a monk suffered from severe insomnia. He is not the Patron Saint against it, but actually suffered from it. God bless.

Saint Giles the Abbot is another Saint for fear of the night, fear at night

St. Peter Damian once suffered a severe insomnia. Whether he is in any wise an “official” patron saint of sleeplessness is beyond me, but he understands, and would likely make a good intercessor for, the affliction.