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Ellery Queen is a crime fiction pseudonym created in 1929 by Frederic Dannay and Manfred Bennington Lee , and later used by other authors under Dannay and Lee’s supervision. Daniel Nathan , professionally known as Frederic Dannay (1905 – 1982), and Emanuel Benjamin Lepofsky , professionally known as Manfred Bennington Lee (1905 – 1971), were American cousins from Brooklyn, New York. In addition to writing most of the novels and short stories featuring the brilliant amateur detective Ellery Queen, Dannay and Lee edited more than thirty anthologies of crime fiction and true crime, which were also published under the Ellery Queen pseudonym. Dannay was the founder and longtime editor of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine , which has been published continuously from 1941 to the present.

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“The place smelled male, not the metal-and-soap maleness of a locker room nor the malt-and-sawdust maleness of an old-time corner saloon, but the leather-and-oiled-wood maleness of a city club, as finished and self-consistent as the ash of a fine cigar. At sight of the skirted figure stalking him, the sole visible attendant took refuge behind a showcase; surely a giraffe, were it a male one, would have startled him less.”

“Why did people do it? Why this herd curiosity about a street, a house, windows, doors? He was a public servant, the Inspector mused, but there were times when he would enjoy loading all the rubbernecks onto barges and towing them out to sea to be served, with ceremony, to sharks.”

“There’s no wonderment left in the real world any longer. Or rather, everything is so wonderful the wonder’s gone out of it.”

“There’s a reason for killing everyone, if you know them well enough.”

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet,”

“If it pains you to discover that a Nice Man can be a crumbum, Tom, it’s life you’ve got to object to, not Percy in particular.”

“The show must go on,…Accidents might happen, the juvenile might run off with the female lion-tamer, the ingénue might be howling drunk, the lady in the fifth row, right, might have chosen the theater to be the scene of her monthly attack of epilepsy, fire might break out in Dressing Room A, but the show must go on. Not even a rare, juicy homicide may annul the sacred dictum. The show must go on."


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