Picturing Mary

**Picturing Mary

**Although the Gospel of Luke identifies the mother of Jesus as a “Jewish maiden,” no one knows for certain what Mary actually looked like. Yet for almost two millennia, artists have imagined her face, her expressions, even her emotional state, in every medium with every imaginable material – from tiny personal images to gigantic mosaics. In a new hour-long PBS documentary, produced by Thirteen/WNET New York and The Edge Facilities Ltd., in association with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the religious significance and symbolism of Mary’s image is explored through a visually stunning array of art from twelve locations in eight different countries.

Bob Abernethy introduces a preview of this documentary examining the artistic portrayal of Mary throughout history.

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Looks like it might be worth a look. I’ll keep an eye out for it in my area. Thanks for the heads-up! :thumbsup:

so sad…this won’t be aired in my area.

Check out the website for airing times in your area. picturingmary.com/

I saw this last night (well about the last 40 minutes of it). It was fascinating and kept very well to how Catholics view Mary. It was interesting to see how Mary has been portrayed in art throughout history. I was hooked watching it and wished that it had gone longer. I was in awe of the work that was shown and the images that artists have rendered. I felt like I was in a musuem and that it was just before closing time and you wished you had forever to just sit and stare at all the work that was shown and go hunting for the work wasn’t shown but you believed existed.

Thanks for the feedback.

I’m hoping one of the 4 public network channels I recieve at my house will show this tonight. If not I might end up buying the DVD for $25. I imagine the pics will look great on my digital TV.

That was the problem. The subject was much to large for an hour long show. I felt wisked through some museums without much of description of the paintings and techniques. I wanted to know more details about the paintings in Ethiopia. It was all too much and not enough in too little time.