Planned Parenthood claims to advocate Abstinence!

Today I came across this article regarding PP in southwestern OH:

I almost laughed when I saw they claimed to support abstinence.

Maybe the support it; but they just don’t think it’s possible. It’s sort of like advocating for the speed of light. We don’t really think you can do it, so in the meantime just drive as fast as you can.

I know that in at least one of their offices they tell girls going on the pill that they can still conceive and abort on the pill. They tell them that they have to decide if that’s something they can live with.

Well, kind of. Their effective definition of abstinance is “not doing it until you decide to do it.” Nice, huh?

PP has no moral stance on the matter of premarital sex. They surely are careful to do nothing to discourage it, but that’s not QUITE the same thing as actively promoting it.

Of course, if you understand human nature you realize that failure to impose discipline on one’s biological drives is really the same thing as actively promoting giving in to those drives…

Maybe the message goes something like this:

"Abstaining from sex is the only foolproof way to avoid pregnancy and a multitude of sexually transmitted diseases. It’s the only way to be sure and to be safe.

OK, now that you’ve stopped laughing, sure we know that you are not going to do that. You are probably incapable of doing that. And why should you deny yourself anyway? So here are a variety of ways to hopefully protect yourself. None of them foolproof or 100%, but it’s the best we can do. And remember, the abortion clinic is always available, and no one needs to know, not your parents, not your boyfriend.

Now go out and make your own decision."

that is like saying KFC advocates for vegan diets.

Out of pure curiosity-I went to the PP website and checked out their section on Abstinence. I won’t repost it here because there is some language some might find objectionable, but other than that-the section is very informative and positive about the benefits of abstinence, how to remain abstinent and how to talk to a partner about that choice.

Planned Parenthood certainly has enough things for us to criticize, but let’s not crack on them when they do manage to provide decent information. I’m glad that they put that abstinence section out there for teens and others who don’t have the foundation of good moral upbringing and would turn to them first for sexual information rather than parents or clergy.

They do, look on their website.


It is the first think listed under birth control (they are thinking the ABC method).

NewUlm: I am amused because their ad portrays Abstinence education as one of 4 pillars of their business, and the first one at that! Unless someone is completely ignorant about the activities and advocacy of PP, they will know that it hardly emphasizes abstinence. In fact I’d say they provide every possible excuse and aid for those looking for promiscuity without consequences. Unfortunately, an ad campaign like this targets the ignorant. It is intended to play up the potential positives (no matter how minimal) and minimize their ongoing holocaust/eugenics project.

See the following link for an excellent grass roots movement against PP in the Cincinnati area: