Please pray for Matt

Please pray for Matt & his family. He is 30 years old & the best friend to my Daughter & Son-in-Law. He was born with Polysystic Kidney Disease. While playing baseball the other evening(Wednesday), he collapsed. He had an aneurysm. Apparently this is a side effect of PKD. He had brain surgery the next morning. We prayed everything would be alright, then last night his heart stopped & they started it up again. His kidneys & liver were not functioning well & he went on dialysis. This afternoon, he is on life support. He is a very sweet & loving person with a great personality, beautiful smile & is quite the charmer. He has a 2 year old daughter. We are so sad. His family I know is devastated. Please keep Matt & his family in your prayers. Thank you.

Praying for Matt and his family.:signofcross:

I will pray fervently for Matt. I shall pray the Divine Mercy now and dedicate a rosary to him. Pray for his loved ones so that they may be able to cope.

~~ God Bless.

Thank you & also Wardrandolph so much for your prayers!
God bless.

I will also add intentions for him to my rosary.

Thank you Brigid. God Bless.

Jesus please give Your merciful healing to Matt and bless his family in all things.

I’ll remember Matt and his family, and all who love him, in my prayers and daily Masses.

Thank you Trishie. Your prayers mean so much! God Bless.

Praying for Matt and his family…

Thank you for your prayers, Matt. God Bless.

LORD Jesus
Heal ur Son


Adding my prayers for Matt and his family.

Praying for Matt and his family.