Poll: "Thee/Thou/Thy" or "You/You/Your"?

How do you pray the Rosary? If you’d like to share the reason why, go right ahead!

I happened to learn to say the Rosary (as an adult) by listening to a radio program a 5 o’clock in the morning, and they used “thee/thou/thy.” I tried saying “you/you/your” along with a taped version, & it always just rolled off my tongue wrong.

My husband says that since he also says “thee/thou/thy”, it’s a good thing I do, too, or he wouldn’t have proposed! :smiley:

thee/thou/thy here, I love english of that era

thee/thou/thy. It sounds so much better to me than you/you/your, that just sounds too casual. Though a lot of times I’ve said the rosary with other people and it sounds sort of funny when I say those words different than most of them!

A thee and thou girl here. I think it sounds more reverant and proper. I just like it. Anyway, it’s the way I was taught so saying the you/your way would be weird for me.

Thee/Thou/Thy for me.

I dump the old English. I don’t like it. Never did.

From the little bit of Spanish that I know, the personal form of “you” ***(tu) ***is used in Mass and during prayer. Modern English has nothing like the forms of “you” found in Romance languages (formal, personal and plural).

English is a cold language. There is no getting around it.

Thee/Thou/Thy is what I’ve always used. The prayers I learned as a child were like this and it does give a very devout sound to it. You know that your not having a typical conversation with someone.

“Blessed art Thou among Women and Blessed is the fruit of Thy womb Jesus”.

You/your, except when I’m in a group that’s reciting using the old words, or when I’m in a teaching mode and I want to illustrate the difference between singular and plural, as in Luke 22:31.


DEFINITELY thee/thou/thy! The other way just never sounds right to me. :nope:


Where are you? I’m in Wellington and people are telling me that there has been an increase in Latin at Sunday Mass over the last two weekends. Some are delighted; some are horrified. Any word of this in your area?

I learned using Thee/Thou/Thy. I didn’t even think about it until I prayed it with a group that said you/you/your… I know both are equally “valid”, but to me the Thee/Thou/Thy sounds far more formal and reverant.

Maby I just prefer it because that’s how I learned it and it sounds more traditional.

I use “Thee/Thou/Thy” – it just sounds right to me. “You/You/Your” sounds strange to me, and even stranger in the “Our Father” than in the “Hail Mary”.