Pope Benedict Observes

The Family and the Church.

"Benedict XVI affirmed that “from all this comes an evident consequence: the family and the Church, concretely the parishes and other forms of ecclesial communities, are called to the closest collaboration in that basic duty which comprises, in an inseparable fashion, the formation of the person and the transmission of the faith.”

The Threat of Relativism.

"Today an especially insidious obstacle to the work of education is the massive presence, in our society and culture, of a relativism which, while recognizing nothing as definitive, establishes as a final measure only one’s ‘I’ with one’s own desires and which, under the appearance of freedom, becomes for each person a prison. Within such a relativistic horizon it is not possible therefore to have a true education: without the light of truth, sooner or later every person is in fact condemned to doubt the goodness of his own life and the relations that comprise it, to doubt the validity of his commitment to build, with others, something in common. It is therefore clear that not only must we seek to overcome relativism in our work of forming people, but we are also called to fight its predominant place in society and culture."


No doubt our Holy Father has done an excellent job defining and encapsulating the problem of relativism. My question is how do we*** fight*** relativism when the problem goes all the way to the episcopate? I read an article in my local diocesan newspaper about a Catholic bishop from the southern U.S.(Bishop J. Terry Steib) calling for acceptance of practicing homosexuals into the church! God Help Us, Big Paulie

That would be our Bishop:crying:

Bishop Chaput put it best when he said that there are those who show up every Sunday for Mass and don’t realize they aren’t Catholic anymore. How his quote found its mark into the hearts of those already in that state or bordering on it, can be attested to by the verbal slaps at least two priest columnists and several bishops made. By their fruits we do indeed know them…