Pope Benedict Welcomes Priest Delegation From China

Pope Benedict XVI has welcomed a delegation of priests, seminary rectors and seminary spiritual directors from China’s state-run church to the Vatican on Wednesday.


In Christ,

It looks like these priests are from the Patriotic Catholic Church, officially approved by the Communist government of China. I would be interested to know if the clergy in the state approved Patriotic Catholic Church go along with the teaching of the Vatican on birth control and abortion, or if they go along with the Communist Chinese government on this teaching.

Perhaps out of misinformation, but I was a bit scandalized at the Holy Father receiving counterfeit Catholics when true Catholics are in forced-labor camps… :crying:


JP II would never have done that. this is where I feel somewhat uncomfortable with Benedict XVI.

Wow you guys, take 5. The pope is meeting with these people, how are we to know what is being discussed and what good things might come of it. Never despair that the Holy Father can bring good things from those who desire an attachment to the Church.

I pray that these meetings be fruitful and instructive for all involved. May the visiting delegation from China leave with a fire in their belly as they strive to do God’s will through their positions. May God’s will be done through these meetings.

Chinese priests visit the Pope: an “unexpected gift”, a sign of “union with the Holy See”


In Christ,

I am agree, the union is necessary and well we have to respect the catholic moral everywhere, they have to come back to the shepherd.

But what is the teaching of the Patriotic Chinese Catholic Church on birth control? Doesn’t it have to go along with the Chinese Communist line on this?

Don’t you trust the Holy Father to address the most pressing issues possible as he meets with these people? I trust that the Pope understands the need to correct any errors that they are teaching and to encourage them to return to leading their flocks to the Truth in Christ.

I love, honor and respect the Pope and believe he will conduct himself in a way that benefit the Church Universal.


It wouldn’t have been the first time that in order to gain a state’s sympathies the Pope would ignore leaders of the undergroud Church in a country in favor of puppet leaders, yet with no measurable benefit to the Faith or to the faithful. The Pope is not infalible in such matters: Hungary comes to mind…


Well, perhaps I have a little more faith in the person behind the Papalcy. I wish him well in his endeavors.


I think there’s no use for His Holyness to deal with communist liars. you know how they reported this in China?
Rome bent to China.
Rome showed signs of giving in.
Rome softened.

It seems to me that China is just paying lip service to Rome. There is no warming of relations that I can see.

Good call. The press always likes to give us some sort of suggestion as to what we should assume about the meetings.

The Chruch, however, turns away no opportunity to evangelize. Not all communists are liars though they are all misinformed.

The lipservice paid by a Chinese Catholic Church to its government is sad considering the sacrifice made by martyrs throughout the years, but we know Benedict, and he is not that maleable.

The devil is far from his kitchen, and he has given responses to many questions on levels even we couldn’t answer so confidently.

Prayer and faith are our best friends here, and a distrust in the potential of the Holy Spirit is dangerous. The religion of God, our faith, is based on loving our brother and praying for him, not turning him away. Jesus ate with the sinners.