Pope calls sex abusers ‘children of God’ deserving of ‘love’

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It’s certainly a hard one. Jesus demonstrated a closeness to other sinners like prostitutes and tax collectors, but pedophiles are certainly more revolting. The justice system needs to realise which ones can’t be rehabilitated and just not let them be free again. That would make it much easier to love them when they aren’t harming children.

I’m curious about the ‘spate’ of resignations from the Academy for the Protection of Minors. An article here explains somewhat…

We are called upon to love all people, even the despicable ones, and possibly even especially the despicable ones. Our Lord did not say “love your neighbor as yourself, except when he is despicable”.

“Love” means to seek their greatest good, which is to wish for their salvation and greater holiness. It does not mean “like” them, nor to “like” the despicable things they do. I have people in my past whom I do not “like” (and they may not “like” me either), and I do not seek out their company, nor would it be a good thing to seek to associate with them. Sometimes you just have to break ties, some people are so toxic, or so hateful, that it would even be an occasion of sin to be around them, both for you and for them. At that point you just have to commend them to the mercy of Almighty God. Some people are so bad that they just need to be locked up for life and be kept away from society — Supermax in Colorado comes immediately to mind (Ted Kaczynski, Robert Hanssen, Richard Reid, et al), as do people such as Theodore McCarrick. Nevertheless, we must love them in Christ, pray for their salvation and holiness, keeping in mind that Christ died for them too. There but for the grace of God go you or I.

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