Pope Francis makes urgent call to recover eucharistic adoration in the Church

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I’m so pleased Pope Francis has said this. I’m convinced that ‘give it a try’ can open up young people to the untold graces of Adoration. I say this because my daughter has been on an Adoration roster for an hour on Sunday night for about 5 years now. When she started dating her boyfriend 18 months ago, he was curious about what it was and started going with her. Now he’s on the roster as well. Although Catholic (nominally) he’d never heard of Adoration before.

Another family anecdote… at the Catholic aged care home my mother is at, they have adoration in the chapel regularly. My mother who has dementia and is all over the place usually, I’m told spends lots of hours in quiet repose before Christ. It is a habit and memory that hasn’t got lost with the rest of them.

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