Pope Gets a Kitten

I just read this on Twitter and had to share:

Breaking news: a kitten called ‘Bella’ has been brought into the Kenthurst Study Centre to help Pope Benedict feel at home


I’m going to see if I can have this moved to Catholic News. How did I manage to mis-post in Secular News?! :confused:

i guess i do have something in common with the pope! I love kittens!!!

I should add that the Twitter page is a feature of this news organization:


I love kittens, too. I wish we could see a picture of Bella!

Here are more details:

OF all Pope Benedict's loyal followers in Australia, little Bella has every right to feel like the cat that got the cream.

					 	The 11-month-old grey tabby kitten has been brought in to make the pontiff feel at home during his three-day stay at Kenthurst in NSW.

It will ease any bout of homesickness the pontiff would have felt being away from his most beloved of pets.
The Pope’s love of stray cats is legendary in the Vatican, and his house in Germany is filled with cats and guarded by a cat statue.

Catherine Lennon said the Opus Dei followers at the Kenthurst Study Centre brought Bella into the retreat to keep the Pope company while he played the piano.
A talented musician and Mozart fan, the Pope will have access to a baby grand piano in a room decorated with paintings of Australian landscapes.

With no TV or extravagances, he will have a time to get to know his new friend.


Awww! Pope Benedict likes kittens! :smiley: I’m a cat lover too. :slight_smile:

I like cats…This is indeed a nice news story:thumbsup:

Something about that story just made me feel really good inside!

Well…maybe it’s not a religious cat? :shrug: :smiley:

Could be! :stuck_out_tongue: I hope the kitten likes Mozart, though. The Pope was given a piano in his accommodations, as well.


Of course it’s religious! It’s …

… CAT-olic.



awwww… a man after my own heart!

It’s very endearing to imagine the Holy Father enjoying the company of a kitten, isn’t it? I see from your name that you are a mom, too. Have you seen the book Joseph & Chico yet? Our family really enjoyed reading it!

Here it is:


Roamin’ cat-olic, I assume…

I wonder…if “ratzinger” is the German word for “mouser” :smiley: :smiley:

Interesting that our “German Shepherd” likes cats. :smiley:

I guess it just goes to show that Cardinal Rottweiler turned out to be Pope Pussycat (in a good way).

Awww! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!!

Hey…Fluffy is missing…did you eat her?? :eek:

coughs up a hairball noooo…

Papal kitten… Awww! I’d die to see pictures! (not literally). Bella is a cute name too. I think it means “lady” in Italian.:wink:

I’ve heard it’s a gray tabby. Maybe it looks like this?