Pope: Our Lady "is not a postmistress, who sends messages every day". [AN]

During Mass at Casa Santa Marta Francis speaks of the spirit of curiosity "when we want to take over God’s project, the future, things; know everything, control everything … " . It’s a spirit that creates confusion and leads us away from the Spirit of wisdom “which instead helps us to judge, to make decisions according to the heart of God. This spirit gives us peace, always .”


More words of wisdom from Pope Francis to keep us on the right path!
Praise be to God.

Would anyone agree that in so saying the Pope took a subtle yet clear swipe against Medjugorge? Right on!

His words are like a gentle breeze.

During his homily at a weekday Mass on November 14, Pope Francis warned against the “spirit of curiosity,” in remarks directed at those who place their faith in extraordinary claims and in …


Pope says purported visions of Mary can lead people away from God
“Curiosity pushes us to want to hear that the Lord is here or over there, or it makes us say, ‘Well, I know a visionary who receives letters from Our Lady, messages from Our Lady,’” the pope said. But Mary is “not a postmaster of the post office sending out messages every day.”

“The kingdom of God is among us,” he said. “Don’t look for strange things, don’t seek novelties with this worldly curiosity.”

The spirit of curiosity is what makes people want to “take control of God’s plans, of the future, of things, to know everything, take on everything,” he said.


Makes sense to me. :thumbsup:

Hear, hear! :slight_smile: Next up and also long overdue: Pope Francis .vs. those who want to have the pre-millennial cake and eat it too. :slight_smile:

Amen to that !

We have a lot of problems with that in Mexico to a point just the other day the priest mentioned that in his homily! Well, people here often flock to things like that, can pack churches with curiosity seekers.

For a time, I even started to get into it with the others, began to realize what I was doing, and have since tried to stop.

Hmmm I wander what alleged apparition he is referring to?:smiley:

He may have his “friend” Maria Divine Mercy in mind. :o

Or of course of a certain Balkan Marian controversy…

Or not so subtle. :thumbsup:

The Church has yet to proclaim Medjugorje a hoax after 30 years. Hmm. It may prove to be genuine

Catholics are not required to believe apparitions…even approved apparitions…even the Pope is not required to believe them…much less the Unapproved apparitions.

It would not be a sin against faith to doubt an approved apparition. But I would argue that it is a sin against prudence.

The parish priest, the local bishop, the appropriate ecclesiastical congregations in Rome, the Holy Father… they have researched the case to no ends, they have interviewed everyone involved from the visionary down to the old man that was walking his dog by the park one day. They’ve analysed the messages and put it through the wringer and they have all came to the conclusion that it is worthy of belief. A Mass is even written in honour of the apparition such as Our Lady of Fatima.

Sure Catholics don’t have to believe… but they’d be rather imprudent not to. I cannot think of a single reason for a man to doubt an approved apparition that our Holy Mother Church has declared worthy of belief.

It puts ones own judgement above that of the Church.

The local ordinary has consistently disapproved of Međugorje. This spans more than one man in office. And the Popes and Rome have continued to issue their support for the local ordinary’s decision.

Bishop zanic originally was in favor of the apparitions then suddenly became an opponent. Read up on zanic and u will b surprised

I’ve read all kind of things and have seen many, many red flags concerning this apparition. Do you have a link for this info?