Pornography Confession Question

Hello everyone I was wondering in confession how specific does one need to be when confessing pornography? Can I just say Impure movies and give the number of times I watched them? Also does one have to be really specific and confess the type of pornography or is just saying I watched pornography sufficient? Thanks.

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“For example, they may say, “I had impure thoughts” rather than “I wilfully engaged in sexual fantasies about someone I’m not married to.” “Impure thoughts” is code for what they did, and priests understand what it means. Technically, your thoughts could be impure in all sorts of way not involving sex (i.e., they could be tainted, and thus not pure, by any kind of sin you wilfully entertained), but priests know people mean they entertained improper sexual thoughts when they say this.”

Im guessing this would apply to my question as well. I just want to be 10000% sure before I go to confession this weekend.

As far as I know,
You should be as explicit as you would be if you were talking to God.
God does understand if you say “I was impure” but to acknowledge your sin you have to publicly state it. For example, if you saw “porn” accidently you might state it. If you watched pornography to indulge in masturbation you should probably state that too. I know it is hard to admit it but at least in my experience I have found that the more open you are about it the better can the priest help you understand what to do to avoid it in the next time.

One example of what I was told was that sports helped me relieve tension. And it worked!

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I know I know!! I had to do this for months. You want to be explicit enough to acknowledge what it is, but not explicit enough to make your confession pornographic. My wording was typically some variation of “I have consumed pornographic material.”

You need not go into the gory details of your Confession. Acknowledging the type is sufficient. So, you could say you looked at impure pictures or video, and the number of times. The priest will know, beyond a doubt what you’re talking about. They hear this stuff ALL the time.

You, sir, have very strange eating habits. :smiley:

Just say it like it is, I viewed internet pornography x times, which did or did not lead to impurity with myself. Father will know, and if he needs more info he’ll ask. My experience, he won’t. Make a good confession, good luck and peace.

Thanks so I dont need to say I watched ___ kind of pornography just saying pornography would cover all the types?

Just confess to the priest you watched pornography and if you committed self abuse admit that to. Thew priest has herd it all many times…

If you can be that specific here, with your mother, sister, wife, and aunties reading along, you can be that specific in the Confessional, where only Father can hear, and isn’t going to tell anyone. :slight_smile:

Hmm okay thanks for the responses… Since viewing any pornography is mortal sin can one type be more sinful than another? If not wouldn’t saying I have viewed Pornography x amount of times make a valid confession and one would not have to get into the details of specific type?

Sin is sin, it might vary on the advice he would give you. Make a good confession, get it all out, don’t be afraid, there is nothing to fear, only oceans of mercy to come your way.
It is easy to get nervous before hand and while you’re confessing. I am sure there will be a crucifix inside the confessional, stare at it, and talk directly to Jesus. He already knows anyway.

It doesn’t change the degree of the sin, but it changes the kind of counsel you would receive. If you’re looking at pictures of naked women, that’s different than looking at videos of bestiality, for example.

Okay thanks. I just want to make sure my past confessions were not invalid because all I said was “I viewed pornography” x amount of times w/o being specific about the type. If I (Pray that I dont) fall back into that sin I will be more specific during confession.

I went to a Lenten penance service conducted by a priest from the Fathers of Mercy. He said that even though a penitent does not have to give all the “dirty details”, he is nonetheless obligated to share information in Confession that increases the severity of a sin. As an example of this, he pointed out that if a penitent is guilty of having viewed child pornography, it does not suffice to tell the priest that he has simply viewed pornography, but must clarify that it was child pornography. With all this in mind, the same may hold true with other kinds of pornography (i.e., that incorporates other aspects of grave sin). And for the record, I’m not airing any suspicions in this thread about the exact nature of the pornography that is behind the original post, it’s just that child pornography happened to be the specific example the priest used. There are, of course, other kinds of pornography out there that are beyond what is “normal” and therefore are more serious as a result.

So to answer you question, even though all pornography is a sin involving grave matter, it is possible for a certain type of pornography to be more sinful than another.

Child pornography is a special case because it involves grave scandal to young people and is also felonious.

I think if the pornography involves any additional crimes, like rape and child abuse, then those details ought to be confessed additionally.

Virtually all pornography involves some kind of sin against nature, so whether it’s homosexuality, bestiality, masturbation or any kind of unnatural copulation doesn’t need to be detailed in confession. It might be helpful if you want to seek specific advice, however. This is what one priest has told me so I’m not 100% sure about this.

Keep close to the sacraments. At some point grace reveals to us just how banal pornography really is.