Prayer for my girlfriend not to be pregnant yet

Hello everyone, I need help from God to help me out on these difficult times. I do not want my girlfriend to get pregnant just yet, I am too young and am not ready for this huge step in my life. This is not the first time I go through this and the other two times God has been very helpful and made a mircale to me for her not to be pregnant. I again ask with all of my apologies of not having learned my lesson for God to please help me out in this situation, and promise to have learned my lesson. I will wish not to commit more sins, I would give up anything in my life for this not to happen, it is just not the moment yet. Thank you everyone and please help me out God.

Are you REALLY willing to give up anything to have this not happen? If your eye causes you to sin…

Seriously, brother, I have been there. My unchastity I think was a prime contributor to my ex fiance and I breaking up. Either cut sex out of your life ENTIRELY (nothing beyond hand holding or a quick peck on the lips), or cut her out ofit. If you aren’t ready for chastity your’re not ready for a gf. I will pray for you both. For you both, but not that she is not pregnant. Prayer is neither birth control or plan B. Sorry for the hashness. Stick around the forums. You might learn something. God be with you, brother.

If God gives me this, I will have to take it with no doubt but my point brother is that I am just not ready for this huge step in my life. I understand your point completely and you are totally right. Thank you for your help and praying I would really appreciate to everyone who helps me pray for this situation. I am faithful to God and I just want to take my life step by step just like it should be to make God proud. I have learned a very huge lesson from this and have gotten the message from God. Thank you thank you a lot.

-And brother I forgot to mention she did get treated with Plan B and on the 4th day her pregnancy test showed up negative. I am just not too familiar with the topic. I prayed with my rosary today and still will pray with it. Thank you so much brother for your help.

She DID get treated with plan B? Dude, you need to confess pronto! It doenst just keep the egg from being fertilized but KILLS any fertalized egg. Its an aborificiant. It may have just aborted your potential child! This is no light matter.

Friend, this is NOT being faithful to God! Please go to confession. This is a very, very grave sin. My prayers pour out for you.

Sniff… is this Denmark?

As others have advised you, you -must- go to confession. In the church’s eyes, you may have just committed murder (I say ‘may’ because we’re not sure if she was or wasn’t pregnant, and now we’ll never know.) This is an incredibly serious issue. Regardless of whether she was pregnant or not, you engaged in an activity who’s express purpose was to end a life, and as such have committed a grave sin, the mortal kind, the kind that make you wind up in Hell…

I am not trying to sound overcritical or turn you away from the Church or anything, but this is really a very serious issue. We are telling you this out of concern.

Additionally, as was stated before, you should really work towards chastity. Sexual relations prior to marriage have a way of warping the focus of the relationship. If you two are truly good for each other, a chaste relationship will prove it to you, while a sex-based relationship will only mask the problems. This is one of the major reasons divorce is so prevalent in our society.

God Bless, and please, please seek out confession as soon as you can.

Yes, thank you for clarifying that we are not trying to be critical or judgmental of the OP. :thumbsup: OP, please heed our advice and know that our prayers are with you! And if, Heaven forbid, your girlfriend was pregnant and indeed aborted this poor soul via Plan B, I ask our most Holy Mother Mary to embrace the sweet little soul who will live eternally with God in Heaven.

Your difficult time is caused by your own sin. I will pray that you will grow up and take responsibility for your own sinful actions. I pray that you will go to confession and get back right with God and His Church. I pray that you will be a real man and if there is a child then YOU take responsibility as his or her father and stop fooling around and asking for prayer to get out of your own behavior. If you are not ready to be a father and not ready to marry then you need to stop having sex period and using this girl and any other for your own sinful pleasure.

I think you missed the part about not being overcritical / scaring him away. We can impress upon him the seriousness of this issue without coming off as a condescending @**. Yes, this is the result of his own actions, yes he needs to take responsibility and be a father if that happens, yes he needs to stop looking at God as a quick fix and yes, he needs to stop having sex if he’s not ready to be a father, and especially if he isn’t married.

What he does not need, however, is condemnation. Rather, we should approach him with support and guidance. So long as he is willing to listen to our advice, which all posts so far seem to indicate he is, we should give to him in a kind an thoughtful manner. Remember, while the truth is absolutely important, prudence is as well.

Please don’t have sex until you’re married and ready for a child.
Please confess fornication and attempted (maybe successful) murder.
Please encourage your girlfriend to do the same.

I say this out of loving concern.

You have committed at least two very grave sins here. Confession and avoiding the occasion to commit either sin again is the only way to make this right.

I didn’t condemn him and I think it is just audacious that someone comes on here and asks for prayer that the girl he is having sex with not get pregnant or have some kind of miscarriage because he isn’t ready to be married and father and then claim he has been always close to God. This is a troll.

Whether he’s a troll or not isn’t really what’s important. I agree that his prayer request was selfish, and definitely not in good taste; but if he was earnest, then we should do all we can to guide him towards the proper path. It may very well be that he doesn’t understand the gravity of his actions, there are a lot of poorly catechized parents raising a lot of poorly catechized children; and our culture practically celebrates the actions he’s taken.

If he really is turning to God for help, then we should use this opportunity to teach him and actually bring him closer to God. We should use this chance to teach him that those actions were wrong, and to instill in him the importance of receiving reconciliation for them. Prayers are rarely answered in a way we expect, even though his prayer was selfish, good can still come of it ^^

I could go to tongue lashing mode but that has been done. My prayer for you is that you fully open your mind and heart to the Lord and realize what is happening in your life. We are all sinners, but the worst sin is not to learn from prior sins. I pray that you come to the Lord for strength prior to the act rather than after the act and wondering about consequences of the sin. Regardless, I pray for you brother and I ask that you head to confession and not pray for outcomes, but for wisdom and courage!

Why isn’t she on the pill or you using a condom? :hmmm: If you are sexually active it’s pretty obvious that is what you need to do.

What are you thinking?:dts:

And don’t let the extremists tell you contraceptive is a sin. :tsktsk: That a bunch of horse dung. I am against abortion but the people living in the dark ages are just that. Living in the dark… Use a condom or get her on the pill…

Of course if you really are losing sleep over this do what the extremists say. STOP HAVING SEX AND STOP WHINING… :crying:

Are you telling people on this forum your personal views, or what you think is the teaching of the Church?

The Church says that contraception is wrong. The pill actually causes abortion in the moments after conception, and using any kind of contraception is closing the sexual act from any chance of a child, which is gravely sinful.

I am praying for all involved in this. Please get to confession as soon as you possibly can. We all make mistakes, especially when we are young, but please ~~ no more pre-marital sex. This is wrong in the eyes of God and, though you may be young, you do know this is wrong and the consequences of these actions. If your girlfriend is Catholic, please encourage her to also go to confession as soon as possible. God bless and I’ll be praying for you!

I am sorry, but who are you to decide which Church teachings are true and which are not? I ask in earnest, what makes your judgement better than that of our Mother Church?

i think our friend has an agenda :shrug:

Yep, I’ve been following this person on the various threads he/she has been on and refuting this person.